The White House’s Hilarious New Plan For What to Do With Kamala Harris

Vice President Kamala Harris was brought into office with great expectations. Her skin tone and gender supposedly made her an epic hero who would save America from all its problems.

It didn’t work out that way. Harris has been a huge disappointment to the country and to her own Democrat Party.

In particular, she has proven unstable, ineffective, and unknowledgeable about any of the issues facing the nation.

Joe Biden sent her to resolve our border crisis and instead, she offended the leader of Guatemala.

Biden sent her to Europe to help resolve the conflict there with Russia; she laughed at the Polish leader talking about refugees who’ve lost their homes.

Well, now Biden has a whole new plan for Harris and it’s laugh-out-loud funny.

The New Plan for Harris

The new plan for Harris is to send her to places that are very small and outside the media spotlight. By making sure she’s not in the center of attention, the White House hopes to avoid more scandals and embarrassments from this absolute amateur.

A bizarre video of Harris in the small town of Sunset, Louisiana talking about the “passage of time” and sounding like a Grateful Dead groupie made the rounds in past weeks.

Yet, now the White House is doubling down on this strategy.

In short: sending Harris to places nobody has heard of and having her give obscure speeches about things like installing fiber-optic cables.

A recent stop in the tiny town of Greenville, Mississippi is just one example. Harris went there to talk about small business loans and helping out the local economy.

Basically, Harris can’t handle the heat in the kitchen, so instead, she’s being sent to polish and lay out silverware.

Small Towns Do Matter

Don’t get me wrong here: small towns and out-of-the-way places absolutely do matter. The thing with sending Harris to these places that’s funny is just how see-through the strategy is.

The Biden White House has disrespected small towns and normal Americans from day one in office. Everybody knows they don’t actually give a fig about anyone in this country, much less people living in poor conditions on the Mississippi delta.

The point is to shuffle Harris aside and get her out of the spotlight, while also pretending to care about normal folks in this country and the issues they have. It’s typical Democrat hypocrisy at its finest.

Is This a Move to the Center?

One last issue some have raised is whether this is an actual move by the Democrats back to the center.

In other words, are they pretending to care about working people again to try to rescue themselves from the upcoming midterms disaster?

That definitely could be part of the strategy, absolutely. If so, sending Kamala Harris is about the worst thing they could be doing.

Rest easy, Republicans, you have bright days ahead.