The UK is Turning into a COVID Police State: is America Next?

Earls Court Station, London UK COVID 19 by Kwh1050 is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

The United Kingdom isn’t a place that Americans think of very often. Now and then they have a royal wedding of some kind or the queen meets our President, but there’s no real reason to focus on what’s going on there on the other side of the pond.

There’s something going on in the UK that Americans should care about though.

The country is turning into a bizarre COVID police state, and it could be coming to the US sooner than we think.

The latest measures that would require British people to show vaccine proof to enter pubs and restaurants is very Orwellian, especially when you add in the constantly changing news about new coronavirus variants that might not be prevented by the vaccine.

Hazmat Suits – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Sheffield, UK by Tim Dennell is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

UK COVID Nightmare

With the new variant spreading the virus even more infectiously, British people may now be required to show a vaccine passport to go into pubs or bars, with UK Secretary of State Dominic Raab saying that the plan is being considered.

Vaccine passports could also be used by families who want to go on vacation and might be convenient to return back to some semblance of normalcy. They’ll also completely penalize anyone who doesn’t get the vaccine – or the next vaccine, or the next.

“It is something that hasn’t been ruled out and is something under consideration. But of course you have got to make it workable. The thing, when I have looked at this – whether it is on the international, domestic or local level – you have to be confident the document being presented is something you can rely on, that it is an accurate reflection of the status of the individual,” Raab said.

British PM: Vaccine Passports Could be the Key to Freedom

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also dropped some statements about vaccine passports, saying they could be a way to open things back up again. At a recent press conference he said that “when we’re in that different world, which I hope will be as soon as possible, then all kinds of apps and all kinds of possibilities will be open to us.”

Johnson is set to announce a new plan to return kids to school and allow some outdoor activities and non-essential business openings on Feb. 22. It comes after he’s moved the goalposts numerous times like most other major world leaders, promising reopening and a return to normal only to change the rules at the last minute or impose harsh travel restrictions such as Canada recently did under progressive blackface PM Justin Trudeau.

Is America Next?

With increasing executive orders from President Biden and Democrats in control of the executive and Congress, it’s only a matter of time until harsher rules come into force in the United States. Americans can’t afford to be naive and the writing is clearly on the wall. With more serious and infectious variants on the horizon, the Democrats have all the justification they need to start imposing similar restrictions and rules like the UK, including requiring vaccine proofs to eat at restaurants or travel anywhere.

Even those who follow the rules will – of course – immediately be in trouble once the next variant comes out and they then require other vaccines. The thing with centralized government power is that the more you feed it the more it tends to grow and become a monopolistic behemoth.

Americans need to talk to their elected representatives and protest for their rights. This new COVID regime is not going away any time soon and it’s only going to get more draconian if left to expanded unchecked.