The Ugly Truth About Unemployment in America

Massive government spending has hidden just how bad unemployment is in America today. People may be returning to some minimum wage jobs and picking up a few odds and ends, but the economy in blue states is not doing OK.

Lockdowns, vaccine mandates, and the liberal mentality are ruining our economy. In fact, new information about US unemployment rates shows just how bad things have gotten in blue states.

The Most Liberal Parts of America are the Worst

The ten highest areas of unemployment in America today are in blue states run by lockdown-loving leftists. They got mountains of money from the Biden regime, but it still hasn’t been enough to reverse the reality of what embracing fascism does to your economy.

Keep in mind the actual rate of people without good employment (including those no longer on the employment rolls) is much higher. Let’s look at these Democrat-run states and their unemployment rates:

  • 10. Pennsylvania led by Democrat Governor Tom Wolf: 6.6% unemployment
  • 9. DC led by Democrat Muriel Bowser: 6.7% unemployment
  • 8. Illinois led by Democrat JB Pritzker: 7.1% unemployment
  • 7. New Jersey led by Democrat Phil Murphy: 7.3% unemployment
  • 6. Hawaii led by Democrat David Ige: 7.4% unemployment
  • 5. Connecticut led by Democrat Ned Lamont: 7.3% unemployment 
  • 4. New York led by Democrat Kathy Hochul (formerly Andrew Cuomo): 7.6% unemployment
  • 3. New Mexico led by Democrat Michelle Grisham: 7.6% unemployment
  • 2. California led by Democrat Gavin Newsom: 7.6% unemployment
  • 1. Nevada led by Democrat Steve Sisolak

Red States Are Surging

Red states, in contrast, are doing much better in terms of employment. In fact, the most-employed states in the nation are led by Republicans and the employment rates in red states have been steadily going up the past few months.

The lowest unemployment in the nation is in Nebraska at 2.3% unemployment, led by Republican governor Pete Ricketts, followed in second by Utah at 2.6%, led by Republican governor Spencer Cox.

Third place goes to New Hampshire at 2.9% unemployment led by Republican governor Chris Sununu. Pro-freedom states like Florida led by Republican Governor Ron DeSantis are also doing really well, with an unemployment rate of 5.1%, still well below the national average of 5.4%.

Blue states are getting more addicted to government handouts by the day, while red states become more self-sufficient and turn down the sweet poison of socialism.

Snapshot of the Future

If you want a snapshot of the future, there’s no better place to look than blue states versus red states. Blue states are embracing communism, gun control, and woke nonsense. Red states are embracing freedom, full Constitutional rights, and common-sense conservative values. Blue states are crashing and burning, red states are soaring ahead and doing very well.

There’s a lesson in there for anyone who cares to look. The lesson is that the real America is going to be just fine if we keep standing for what we believe in.