The Truth About Why Biden’s Hiding from Interviews Comes Out

Joe Biden has a communication problem; not only does he wander off in the middle of sentences and make no sense half the time, he also rarely gives press conferences or answers questions from reporters.

He’s shielded by his handlers and staff as he spouts whatever scripts are written for him by the globalists. Now, the real truth is coming out about why Biden’s been hiding and has only done 10 interviews as president…and why he hasn’t had a press conference in 97 days.

Hidin’ Biden

Biden’s lack of access to the media isn’t normal. By the same timeline, Barack Obama had done 131 one-on-one interviews with the press and President Trump had done 57. Biden has done 10, and almost all of them have been disasters.

Remember the last time Biden sat down with a reporter? They set him up with former Clinton insider and Democrat operative George Stephanopoulos, a liberal’s liberal. However, Biden still managed to completely throw the interview when he said the situation in Afghanistan was no big deal.

Ever since that interview, Biden hasn’t sat down to answer questions. He also rarely holds press conferences. Instead, Biden prefers things like town halls where he can strut around and have obviously pre-screened questions given to him about why the COVID vaccines are so great and so on.

That’s why his new name should be Hidin’ Biden. He hides from responsibility, hides from questions, and hides from the public limelight.

Biden’s Lack of Leadership

If Biden was dodging interviews and reporters in order to fix our problems, it would be perfectly understandable. After all, the media tend to be scandal-hungry sharks who are addicted to drama.

Although, he’s not doing that. Biden’s dodging because he has no good answers to any of their questions. Whether it’s inflation, the crisis on our border, the supply chain crisis, the Americans still stuck in Afghanistan, or the division continuing to plague the country, Biden has only excuses and lies.

The American people are knocking on the White House door looking for answers, but all they’re being told is nobody’s home. It’s disappointing to say the least, but nobody should say they’re surprised.

That’s considering the reality it was very clear Biden was an empty puppet from the moment he threw his hat in the ring for president.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is the Biden presidency has already failed. There’s no further down they can go at this point, and the American people deserve for Biden to step aside. Kamala Harris should also step aside, since she too is clearly unfit to lead.

We can’t have an administration like this running America during this difficult time. They are not competent and they’re not well-intentioned. Biden’s next interview should be from retirement.