The Top of the Charts This Week in America? ‘Let’s Go Brandon!’

Whoever said Joe Biden was good for nothing? He’s currently leading to a comeback in the music industry, which is having huge success by remixing and rapping the song “Let’s Go Brandon.”

It turns out people’s dislike of Biden and their desire to make it known to the whole world is rocking the charts and leading to some big hits. In fact, the top four songs on iTunes US are all versions of “Let’s Go Brandon.”

Pretty soon, we might just have to make a separate chart only for versions of this song. People really hate Joe Biden…and for good reason.

Is there anybody else who could have taken power and made President Trump look even better in hindsight? Dear Lord, this man is a disaster.

Let’s Go Brandon!

With four songs topping the charts called Let’s Go Brandon, it’s a 100% growth rate since a week ago. These songs are multiplying and showing up all over the place. People are clicking download and cranking these tunes.

Number one is from Bryson Gray, who had the song temporarily taken off YouTube for supposedly spreading medical disinformation (which just made it come back even stronger).

The other three versions by Loza Alexander were at spots two, five, and six on the charts, firmly occupying half the top ten slots. On the rap charts, they occupied the first four slots completely.

There is a Let’s Go Brandon revolution happening in this country and it’s not hard to see why.

Why is Brandon So Popular?

This joke comes from a recent NASCAR race when the reporter interviewing driver Brandon Brown claimed the crowd was chanting, Let’s Go Brandon! The crowd was actually yelling “F*** Joe Biden!” which is what makes it so hilarious.

All over this country, as sports games have opened up and concerts kick off once again, fans and supporters have been making their feelings known about Biden, giving him the treatment he deserves.

From the border to foreign policy to the awful inflation that’s now stripping our shelves of food, this president will go down as perhaps the worst leader in American history.

His handlers and globalist allies should take note, also, because behind this joke chant and the songs it’s inspiring, there is real anger. People’s patience is just about gone with Biden and his clown crew; they no longer respect anything these people do or say.

The Bottom Line

Americans are done with Biden. The only thing he’s good for is fueling up number one hits mocking him on iTunes. As for actually leading this country?

The best thing Biden could in that regard is get out of the way. He has nothing to offer in terms of vision, execution, or policy; just more stale leftist garbage that’s been tried and failed 100 times before.

Let’s Go Brandon!