The Scariest Part of Trudeau’s Martial Law Declaration

Canada’s leader Justin Trudeau declared martial law on Monday, February 14. Instead of a happy Valentine’s Day, he told Canadians their rights are suspended and they have to do exactly what he says.

This authoritarian move shocked the world. Despite promising not to unleash the military on peaceful truckers, we’ve already seen how heavily-armed SWAT teams have arrested many of them.

Trudeau is the first person to use the Emergencies Act since his dad, Pierre Trudeau, did so 50 years ago. It’s horrifying to think of authorities out enforcing the iron will of a deranged leftist psychopath in order to shut down citizens’ protests.

However, hidden under the surface is the truly terrifying part of this action, which has huge consequences for Americans and the rest of the world as well.

The Government Can Shut Down Your Bank Accounts, Including Crypto

Part of the announcement by Trudeau and his team is anybody giving money to freedom truckers can have their accounts frozen and be charged as a financier of terrorism.

Anyone participating in the protests or supporting them will be identified and tracked, according to Trudeau. Assistant leader Chrystia Freeland says this includes charging people for crypto transactions tied to their accounts that support these protests.

She also said insurance will be cut on trucks taking part; corporate accounts on trucks taking part will be unilaterally frozen if there is suspicion of them taking part in the freedom convoy or border blockade between Alberta and Montana.

If you are using any financial services or crypto to help truckers or are participating yourself, your account could be frozen on the spot.

Your options for dealing with it are zero. The Canadian government has removed citizens’ rights to financial privacy and having their own money.

This is what happens under communism or extreme fascist systems; it has repercussions for every other formerly free country around the world.

Now that the precedent has been set, other tyrants like Joe Biden and the leaders of Europe will be quick to follow suit.

Trudeau Admires Communist China’s Dictatorship

In the past, Trudeau openly admitted he “admires” China’s “basic dictatorship.” He called it “quite interesting” and joked it would be great to see what you could accomplish by just forcing everyone to do what you want.

As we can see now, this Stalin-in-training was not joking. He used the cover of COVID to rise up through the ranks and is now playing out his twisted fantasy on a formerly free nation.

Canadians are not safe and they are certainly not free. If the government doesn’t like what you think, it can seize your accounts and put you out on the street, and it will.

How long until America’s liberal elites decide to copy this behavior?