The Real America vs. the Fake America of the Liberal Elites

America is a bountiful and strong nation. It is filled with people from all walks of life and all races, but they’re united by their loyalty to the stars and stripes.

They know this country didn’t happen by accident; it happened because brave individuals banded together to fight tyranny and build a better future. Increasingly, however, we see the reality we’re now faced with: two Americas.

There is the real America filled with people who care about their families, jobs, and nation; then, there is the fake, elite America, filled with coastal elites who want a completely different and nightmarish future for this country.

What is ‘Real America?’

Just to be clear, “real America” isn’t a physical location. It beats in the heart of every patriotic American. There is a real America in New York City and Los Angeles, not only in Iowa and Georgia.

The only reason real America has come to refer to regions of the country is more real Americans live in some parts of the country than others.

For that reason, let’s be clear: the coastal West and Northeastern US have less real Americans than the South and Midwest. That’s just a fact. Now, I’m not saying there aren’t patriots in every corner of this divinely blessed land.

However, there are just more of them down south and in red states. Likewise, the patriots in blue states are often finding ways to leave as soon as they can and rejoin real America.

That’s because they’re smart people who can see which way the wind is blowing; it’s blowing in the direction of burning up our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

The Fake America

The fake America is a smaller group than the real America.

It is Hollywood and multinational corporate elites. It is latte-sipping university professors from Long Island. It is gay rights activists who take part in fringe reading groups in San Francisco.

It is all the leftist losers who want the benefits of America without any of the responsibilities. The fake America lives off a diet of big government spending and forcing their views on everyone else.

They produce TV shows about their fake coastal America, their drugs, abortions, sex changes, and hatred of Christianity. Then, they stuff it all over the airwaves, spitting in the faces of hardworking farm families in Oklahoma and veterans in Texas.

They want their twisted degeneracy dominating everything. However, the good news is half the country has a backbone and an immune response. They’re now fighting back against the psychological warfare with a giant middle finger.

The real America matters more than the fake America. We’re going to keep boycotting their insane culture and points of view. We will keep making sure they lose more and more power.

Sure, Biden might be president right now, but he’s not the God of America; he and his leftist friends never will be.