The Racist Roots of the Democrat Party

If I were to tell you the Democrat Party is racist, what would you say? If you’ve studied American history, then you’d say “yes, it is extremely racist, right back to the beginning.”

In fact, the Democrat Party, from its very start, has been built on dividing, enslaving, and abusing Americans based on their race.

It is a party of oppression, servitude, and propaganda. The Democrat Party really has no place in our republic…and once you get a peek at its history, you’ll see exactly why.

The Democrat Party is Fundamentally Racist

The Democrat Party’s roots are built on racism. Unlike the Republican Party (which has always been devoted to human freedom and rights), the Democrats supported slavery and segregation right up until the bitter end.

All the statues Democrats want to tear down are statues of Democrats and Democrat slaveholders. The Democrat Party backed up slavery from the very beginning. They threw their full weight behind Jim Crow regulations that harmed black people and were the core supporters of the Ku Klux Klan.

Joe Biden himself was good friends with high-ranking KKK “cyclops” Senator Robert Byrd. Biden even gave a eulogy at Byrd’s funeral, calling him a “mentor.” When was the last time you saw the leftist media like CNN’s Anderson Cooper talk about that? Never…

The Dark Side of the Democrats

The dark heart of the Democrat Party is all about control, judgment, and segregation. From the start, their party has supported keeping people in different economic and racial categories.

That’s why you’ll notice so many Democrat candidates focus on racial issues and divide people. It’s not because they have such kind hearts. It’s because it comes naturally to a party that’s built on division and hate.

When Joe Biden talks about “negroes,” he’s not just slipping up on his words; he’s showing the paternalistic, racist heart of the Democrat Party: a party that has zero respect for black people and minorities.

They only want to use the problems and historical injustices of black America to win elections. It’s sick stuff when you really look into it.

Breaking Free of the Democrat Plantation

Conservatives like Candace Owens of “Blexit” have done their best to lead black Americans and others away from the lies and racism of the Democrats. As Owens points out, the Democrats have never truly believed in the dignity of all people.

They just like to talk about it to win votes and get people emotional. What Democrats believe in is power.

Their way of holding onto power is to aggravate race topics and set people against each other. It’s destroying America, but the Democrats don’t care about America. That’s why we must always ensure they never get a chance at power again.