The Queen Has COVID

The Queen of England has COVID. According to an official report from her palace staff, the recent positive test result came back several days after the Queen was in touch with Prince Charles.

The UK Royal Family is something Americans don’t generally concern themselves with. After all, we fought a war of independence to get out from under the thumb of the power-hungry monarchs.

However, the reason this story is interesting is it comes right as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is planning to lift COVID restrictions. Some COVID fanatics are suggesting it’s evidence more restrictions are needed.

How Sick is the Queen?

First of all, Queen Elizabeth II is 95-years-old, so she’s not exactly a spring chicken. Secondly, she is triple-vaccinated and fully up to date on her shots. Her symptoms so far have reportedly been “mild” and she isn’t suffering more than one would with a minor cold.

According to reports, the Queen is one of many who have come down with COVID recently at the royal residence of Buckingham Palace.

The Queen and the Royal Family are mainly a ceremonial and symbolic office for the UK and related Commonwealth countries like Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Nonetheless, the queen does play a role in various government-related functions and with the defense department of the UK.

The Queen plans to take state-of-the-art retroviral drugs that will assist in a speedy recovery, according to palace officials. Her health has generally been quite good, especially for a 95-year-old woman.

The fact of the matter is the Queen testing positive only shows how useless COVID restrictions have been. The Queen has all her proper vaccines and she’s still gotten COVID.

Has it reduced the severity of her symptoms? That’s very hard to prove, without seeing how sick she would be without the vaccine.

UK Loosens COVID Rules

The UK is all set to loosen COVID rules, including leaving it up to people’s own choice whether they isolate after coming down wiuth COVID.

This follows a pattern of various Western countries in Europe loosening up restrictions and starting to open society back up, including Austria and Germany.

Nonetheless, nations like Canada have seen an intensified COVID crackdown, especially related to the trucker freedom convoy.

Canadian leader Justin Trudeau even declared martial law and arrested peaceful protesters in order to force silence on those who wanted a break from vaccine, mask, and border COVID restrictions.

The Bottom Line

The Queen is a tough woman and has what it takes to beat COVID, as will Charles and Camilla, and other royals who’ve tested positive.

Meanwhile, the rest of the free world is wondering when we’ll get back to normal, because it can’t come soon enough.