The New York Times is About to Get Massively Trashed in Court by Sarah Palin

The New York Times spent years targeting President Trump.

Although, for decades before that, it also went after other conservatives and anyone else who didn’t support their cultural Marxist ivory tower ideology.

One of the conservatives who this paper insulted and defamed in the past was former Alaska governor and presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Now, they’re going to pay for their lies in court.

What is Sarah Palin’s Lawsuit Against the New York Times?

In 2017, the New York Times published an opinion column that blamed Palin for the shooting of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords.

According to the NYT, a political action committee (PAC) working for Palin put Giffords’ district under a target.

This supposedly motivated a gunman to shoot Giffords and displayed the kind of rhetoric that was ramping up politically-motivated violence.

Giffords was shot in 2011 and barely survived, becoming an icon for gun control. It also turns out the first column linking Palin’s PAC to Giffords was wrong.

The NYT deleted it and put in a correction, but Palin says it caused her to be defamed and blamed for attempted murder.

Now, the trial goes ahead.

Palin has a hard case here, because she has to prove the NYT wasn’t just wrong, but also acted intentionally to defame her.

For its part, ahead of the trial, the liberal newspaper is claiming it just made an error in linking the PAC to the shooting and didn’t spread an intentional lie.

Bad Journalism or Criminal Journalism?

This case is important because it will decide the difference between journalism that is just bad and journalism that is criminal.

Palin’s legal team is keeping its strategy close to the chest, but what’s clear is they intend to really make the NYT pay in this case.

For its part, the NYT says it is defending the principles of free speech and protecting the rights of journalists.

Basically, the NYT says journalists can’t be sued for making an honest mistake. The NYT says it’s “deeply committed” to getting facts right and regrets the error.

Palin does have a very hard task in proving this was intentional, but one thing she has on her side is the editorial record of the NYT.

This record is often vitriolic, often inciting hatred against conservatives and the right, often full of errors.

She can also point to the NYT under Trump, when the paper relentlessly chased the Russia collusion hoax, publishing many false stories, and then quickly publishing corrections.

What Happens Next?

Palin might well lose this case in district court. It will be hard to 100% prove the NYT did this on purpose.

However, she could actually take this all the way to the Supreme Court.

One thing is for sure. This is going to be very bad press for the NYT and its reputation, even if Palin loses.