The New York Times Admits It’s Fake News

Many of those who mention fake news are dismissed in the popular culture as paranoid or “far-right.” That couldn’t be further from the truth. Those who say our establishment liberal media is fake are just reporting the simple facts.

The irony is even the fake news itself is now admitting it’s fake news. So many huge stories reported by big outlets and cable stations have turned out to be false.

Now, a few are trying to save their remaining shreds of credibility by admitting they lied about many things. The latest to line up and eat humble pie is the New York Times.

NY Times Finally Admits It Lied About Russia Collusion Hoax

Finally admitting what we all already know, the NY Times just recently admitted it lied about the Russian collusion hoax. If you recall, the hoax was launched off a report by a spy called Christopher Steele.

It was mainly based on the fake claims of a man called Igor Danchenko, who has since been arrested. Basically, it planted a bunch of disinformation and lies in a report in order to humiliate and trash Trump’s chance at becoming president.

The report failed, but the liberal media (including the NY Times) continued to report on it and take it seriously for years. Now, the NY Times is finally just admitting it was wrong. The truth is even worse, of course. It wasn’t just wrong, it intentionally lied in order to try to smear Trump.

The Times is Still Only Telling Part of the Truth

The reason the NY Times admitted they were wrong is it couldn’t be avoided. They were backed in a corner because Danchenko has been arrested for his lies.

As usual, the Clinton machine is discarding someone who ended up not being useful to it. The Clinton machine is sacrificing careers and reputations as they continue to grasp at power and influence.

Now that Dachenko is facing the music for his fraudulent testimony, the Times has admitted it “turned out” the Russia story was just Democrat opposition research. In other words, they’re admitting it was a hatchet job.

They neglect to mention specifically they repeated the lies for literally years and tore up the foundations of the country to try to push their vile leftist ideology…but, you know, details…

The Truth

The story on Russia, Trump, urination, and all of it didn’t “turn out” to be untrue. Conservatives and anyone with common sense knew it was untrue as soon as it was released.

The stupidity of trying so hard to sink Trump is, I would argue, part of why he ended up getting elected. Many voters realized somebody who was so hated by the establishment must be doing something right.