The Military Threat from Communist China Just Got a Lot Bigger

There’s a new conflict getting worse by the day; at this point, one side is going to have to take a step back or there will be war. The conflict is between the United States and China.

At this point, China built up a system of alliances all aimed against America. Meanwhile, our nation is also building strategic partnerships to defend against Chinese aggression.

The bottom line is that as nice as it would be to sit back in the afterglow of Christmas, we need to get back to business and face reality. The latest developments in China are not good, to say the least.

China Launches Three New Warships in One Day

On Christmas day, China’s Hudong Shipyard pumped out three warships which were in construction for quite some time. One will be bulking up the increasingly large People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy, while the other two have been sold to China’s allies Thailand and Pakistan.

China’s ability to produce aggressive and well-equipped warships keeps increasing. As the crafts sailed out from Shanghai, the eyes of America were on alert.

China is playing a dangerous game, as it gets increasingly close to Pakistan which has had incursions against India in the past. Our ally India is under threat from the Pakistan-Afghanistan-China alliance.

Now that we’ve withdrawn from Afghanistan, China is increasing its outreach to the Taliban. Selling warships to Pakistan is only part of the equation, as Beijing spreads its naval strength and continues to threaten commerce and Taiwan’s national security.

They’re doing this by sailing through the South China Sea and building illegal islands.

Warship Details Released

These warships are not for fun. They are multi-purpose naval powerhouses. While the ships can be used for logistics and shipping, they are also equipped with advanced radar and heavy weaponry.

Helicopters can take off from the decks of these Type 054A frigates; the fact that China is pumping them out is bad news for our national security.

Since 2015 in particular, China has been upgrading its Navy and now has the largest, most powerful Navy on the planet with over 350 ships and subs that can destroy opponents with devastating attacks.

At this point, our Navy has 293 main warships of various kinds. As China’s production ramps up and they start to put out more aircraft carriers in the near future, we need to keep pace.

Unfortunately, Biden does not take this nearly as seriously as Trump did.

Size vs. Strength

Now, size isn’t everything. Our Navy still has more nuclear subs and stronger weapons overall, but the growing power of China’s Navy should still concern us.

As they sail out to supply allies with ships and keep ramping up production, let’s remember this COVID-spreading nation needs to be taken seriously.