The Left Strikes Out Huge in Georgia

The left has talked a lot over the past four years about democracy and “civility.” We’re supposed to believe the America First movement is a threat to the republic and doesn’t respect the nation’s laws.

The truth is the opposite: it’s the far left in this country with no respect for democracy and our laws. We watched for four years as they launched false accusations through the liberal media and politicians to try to unseat President Trump.

Now, they are working hard ahead of the midterm elections to get popular MAGA conservatives kicked off the ballot and install leftist radicals in their place.

Though there’s some good news coming out of Georgia as the left has just had a huge failure in their plans.

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene 2, Leftists 0

The left has already tried once to get Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG) kicked out of Congress for making jokes they didn’t like and posting a meme on social media. They failed and nothing came of their anti-democratic whining.

So, they doubled down and tried again, launching an effort inside Georgia to get MTG booted off the ballot.

Their argument this time? She referred to the movie Independence Day and used words that sounded like “insurrection” to them ahead of the events of January 6, 2021.

Left-wing Georgians hired lawyers to launch a bunch of accusations and scary-sounding claims against MTG, who sat there and calmly defended herself.

She didn’t remember making any threats and was simply supporting the people’s right to peaceably assemble and make their voices heard. The liberal lawyers insisted she was a dangerous lunatic who wanted to get people killed.

Now, the judge in the case has ruled and smacked the left in the face. MTG is fully innocent and can run for re-election in the upcoming midterms. Her words didn’t amount to treason or inciting insurrection in any way.

This is the second time the left has failed to get rid of this woman, just like they tried to impeach President Trump twice and failed as well. Don’t they ever get tired of losing?

Going After MAGA

Earlier this year, another judge threw out a different group that was trying to kick Congressman Madison Cawthorn off the ballot.

They were claiming that his spending time with Trump on January 6 meant he was somehow responsible for violent encounters which happened on that day.

Far left radicals have also challenged the rights of Congressmen Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar of Arizona to run for reelection because of their support for the protests of January 6.

What they’re trying to do is use the 14th Amendment, which was created after the US Civil War and prevents anyone who engaged in insurrection against the US government from running for a position in the US government. That makes sense, right?

Except MTG, Cawthorn, Gosar, and Biggs didn’t launch any “insurrection” and nobody’s buying the nonsense that the far left is selling here.

The Bottom Line

Look forward to MTG in Congress for a long time to come, leftists. This lady isn’t going anywhere.