The January 6 Political Prisoners Include Patriots Who Did Nothing Wrong

January 6 is a day our liberal media has done their best to turn into the next 9/11. Apart from COVID, they’d love all of us to talk about January 6 every waking moment. They and their Democrat political allies want us to think that those who protested on that day in Washington, D.C. were extremists, violent lunatics.

The truth, obviously, is that most who protested were perfectly non-violent patriots who just wanted their voices heard about the election. The truth is that only a small percentage of those gathered even entered the US Capitol. 

Likewise, the further truth is that of that small percentage, only an even much smaller percentage were threatening violence, smashing things, or doing anything other than walking around inside our Capitol. Yet, that didn’t stop the FBI from arresting them. There are now over 500 people in jail because of the events of Jan. 6. 

What’s Their Crime? 

Many of the individuals now in jail due to Jan. 6 are being held because of one reason. They walked inside an open building that was illegal to walk into, which happens to be our US Capitol. 

That’s literally all they did in many cases. That and allow their faces to be visible. For that mistake, the government is holding them – often in solitary confinement – as prosecutors work on bringing charges of domestic terrorism against them. 

Meanwhile, our sickening liberal media cheers the government on and makes these people out to be hideous monsters who hate America. We are truly living in an upside-down world. 

Six Months Gone By

Even now with six months gone by, there are dozens of these political prisoners rotting away in solitary cells. Do we know every specific allegation against each of them? No. However, we know that the majority did nothing but walk in an open building and then bring down a firestorm of communist accusations on their back. 

Several, such as Ashli Babbit, were shot dead with zero consequences. Her family is still suing to even find out the identity of the man who shot the young unarmed woman dead in the hallways of the Capitol. This is a very dangerous time for patriots, and don’t let anybody tell you differently. 

Detainees Are Being Severely Mistreated

According to defense attorney Joseph McBride, many of the Jan. 6 detainees are kept in solitary confinement and not treated properly for medical issues. They’re even being subjected to sleep denial and psychological and emotional abuse by guards, all common torture tactics and interrogation methods used on prisoners of war. 

This is in American in 2021, I wish I could say it’s hard to believe. It should be hard to believe, but it’s not. We’re living in a dark time for America. It’s time wake up from this nightmare.