The Hunter Biden Scandal Was True and Deep State Liars Have Been Exposed

When most of us think back to the 2020 election, we remember an intense race between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, but it wasn’t that tight.

After the events of 2016, when Trump pulled out the epic win nobody expected, this time around was polling at an even bigger Trump win.

Then funny business started happening. Without getting into the electoral irregularities, part of the funny business was how the mainstream media and Big Tech began censoring and hiding information that was bad for Joe Biden.

Nowhere was this more true than when Twitter censored the sharing of a story about Hunter Biden’s laptop. Then, dozens of top spies also went on the big networks saying the laptop was a Russian plot and wasn’t real.

Well, we know for a fact they were lying.

Hunter’s Laptop is Very Much Real

Deep State denizens like top spy James Clapper said the laptop was just an attempt by Russia to swing the election.

He said it was Kremlin “disinformation.” So did dozens of other top spies who trotted out onto MNSBC, CNN, and other networks to shut the story down.

They were all lying through their teeth; they had no evidence of any kind that the laptop was fake. What they were really saying is they didn’t like Trump and wanted him out of office.

Since the Russiagate collusion hoax hadn’t worked to bring Trump down, they were now determined to help boost Biden into office and cover up the young prostitutes, crack use and foreign secret selling of Hunter Biden that was found on his computers.

Meanwhile, Facebook and Twitter made sure the story never got shared on their networks and Trump didn’t get the boost from it that he should have.

Now, we have Biden in office and we all know exactly how that is going for America. Our media spread disinformation to put a POTUS in office with a son potentially guilty of numerous crimes and endangering national security.

The corporate media is the enemy of the American people.

Censorship in America

We hear endless noise from the Democrats and the left about the need for “democracy” and being truthful. They spent years claiming Trump was somehow responsible for the loss of trust in the establishment and in the mainstream media.

Trump was just pointing out what huge amounts of the American people had already been thinking and feeling for years! There’s no big mystery here.

As the Hunter Biden story shows, our mainstream media actively collaborates to shut down the truth and stab our country in the back.

The rare time an outlet like the New York Post does good journalism, it gets circled by the hyenas and censored.

John Brennan, James Clapper, and 49 other top intelligence officials all signed a letter saying the laptop was a Russian operation and denied it in various ways. They all lied and pretended to have evidence they didn’t have.