The Horrifying Truth of How Many American Civilians Are Still Stuck in Afghanistan

The majority of Americans on the left and right agree it was time to let Afghanistan handle its own business. They agree that our brave troops and taxpayer dollars have done enough. The problem is that President Trump had a plan to leave with dignity and without letting the Taliban run everything over.

Biden ignored that like a spoiled child and just yanked the cord, collapsing Afghanistan’s fragile government and letting the terrorists roll back in flush with American weapons and humvees.

Americans Trapped Behind Enemy Lines

This botched pullout is one of the worst foreign policy disasters in American history, and that’s no exaggeration. This is especially true since the intelligence community literally warned Biden that the Taliban were ready to take over rapidly if the US didn’t prepare properly.

It’s also true because a huge amount of American civilians are still stuck behind enemy lines. Pentagon press secretary John Kirby has admitted that between 5,000 to 10,000 US citizens are still trapped in Afghanistan. These non-combatants range from industrial contractors to journalists to non-governmental organization (NGO) workers and aid workers.

They are now trapped behind a hostile regime’s forces; meanwhile, Kirby admits that if you can’t get to the Kabul airport, America does not currently have a specific plan to help you. In other words: good luck and stay safe out there, guys. The Biden regime is a feckless and cowardly joke. They are shaming this nation literally every day with their decisions and actions.

The Taliban Claims They Won’t Hurt Americans

Let’s be clear here: the Taliban is claiming that they’re a brand new and peaceful group. Yet, we’ve already seen videos of them shooting surrendering Afghan commandos on the way to Kabul.

In a press conference on Tuesday they claimed that no foreigners in Afghanistan will be harmed and that international aid workers, journalists and others will not be harmed. The Taliban says it doesn’t want any “problems” with the international community going forward and said it will even allow women into its new government and to work in society.

But let’s be honest here: do you really trust the Taliban? Even if its leadership really wants to stop being full terrorists, can they truly control the rank and file militants from taking some hostages or killing Americans? This is not a safe situation.

What Can These Trapped Americans Do?

The Americans trapped in Kabul and nearby have very limited options. They can’t get safely to the Hamid Karzai International Airport with Taliban checkpoints all around. The airport is still highly unstable and those Americans who are in hiding now are wondering what will be done to save them.

Will our government let them live in terror or die? There are up to 10,000 Americans right now in direct danger. If Biden doesn’t do something, then whatever happens to them will be fully on the hands of his regime.