The High Price of America’s Homeless Crisis

It’s no secret that America has a growing homeless crisis. The pandemic only made it worse.

At this time, there are an estimated 553,000 homeless people in the United States. Many just don’t have enough money, or they have medical debts and family crises that drive them out into the streets.

Many others have problems with drugs, poor health, and mental illness. The homeless crisis isn’t just about money. It’s about society. Deranged and violent homeless people are starting to get a lot of innocent individuals killed.

The latest example comes out of Salt Lake City, Utah.

A Shower Leads to Attempted Slaughter

On Sunday afternoon, police were called to the apartment of a Salt Lake City woman. She was “bleeding heavily” and in need of immediate emergency medical assistance. The woman was transported to ER and given life-saving surgery.

She recovered to critical condition and eventually was able to talk. She told police she’d let a young homeless man come to her apartment to take a shower. He then randomly attacked her, slashing her throat, and leaving her gushing blood.

The police began a manhunt, picking up Eric Jones, 30, nearby where the attack had taken place at her apartment. He’s facing charges, but police are warning this kind of incident can be avoided by not letting strangers in your home.

At this point, all indications say it was a random attack and there is no known motive.

Far From an Isolated Incident

The attack in Salt Lake is far from an isolated incident. Sadly, homeless attacks on law-abiding citizens have been steadily increasing. Particularly disturbing, is that many of these attacks are targeting young women.

Three recent examples are the murder of Michelle Go in New York City, the brutal slaughter of Brianna Kupfer in a Los Angeles furniture shop, and the twisted murder of Sandra Shells at an LA bus stop.

Michelle Go was waiting for a train on Saturday morning when a 61-year-old homeless guy randomly decided to shove her in front of the oncoming train. She died horrifically on the spot.

It turned out Simon was a schizophrenic who often stopped taking his medications. The last time he had a breakdown, his sister Josette told the hospital not to let him out because she warned them he wouldn’t keep up with his meds.

According to Simon, he’d killed Go because he was God and he felt like it.

Shells was waiting at a bus stop to go to her job as a nurse when a middle-aged homeless man called Kerry Bell smashed her in the head, causing her to fall and hit her head extremely hard.

She died a few days later. No motive was found for the fatal attack, for which Bell was arrested and charged.

Kupfer’s homicide, meanwhile, took place soon after the random attack on Shells. She was working at a furniture store when a homeless man called Shawn Laval Smith started lurking in the store.

He then brutally slashed her to death, leaving her dying in agony on the floor.

As Kupfer’s father Todd said, LA is experiencing a huge crime surge and many criminals and homeless people who should be behind bars are out on the streets instead. He’s absolutely correct.