The Hidden Crisis That’s Ripping America Apart

The recent massacres in Uvalde, Texas and Buffalo, New York have America on edge and in tears. The loss of innocent shoppers and young children in school is weighing heavy on our hearts.

Why is this happening? The left says it’s because of easy access to guns, while the right is arguing it has much more to do with mental illness and social breakdown.

It’s a debate we’ve seen before.

Though the true answer lies in a horrifying crisis that’s gone mostly unreported in the news. It’s much worse than many Americans realize.

America is Not Well

Mental illness doesn’t just mean a few people are depressed or suffering delusions and anxiety. A shocking 19.8% of American adults are suffering from some form of mental illness; 4.9% of those have a severe mental illness.

That’s 20% of people in this country so unwell it’s hard to work and get on with their lives; it’s almost 5% who are mentally ill to the point of hospitalization, self-harm, or dangerous behavior.

It turns out Buffalo white supremacist shooter Payton Gendron had been hospitalized for a day after threatening to kill people and then let out.

It turns out Uvalde shooter Salvador Ramos had shown years of disturbing mental illness, including once showing up to see his friends after having intentionally cut his face with a knife repeatedly “for fun.”

Why weren’t these individuals being more closely tracked by the FBI and authorities? Why weren’t they forced to be institutionalized? Why were they free to buy weapons?

This country has a mental health crisis and it goes far beyond those who are killing others.

It extends to the hundreds of thousands overdosing in their homes, drinking themselves to death, crashing their cars on purpose to kill themselves, and more.

Lockdowns Made It Worse

Lockdowns have made the mental health crisis even worse in this country.

People who were already mentally unstable, cooped up inside with their computers and conspiracy videos on YouTube isn’t exactly a recipe for social harmony.

We’ve built a lab of people who are suffering from psychosis in varying degrees, along with a far left that’s gone absolutely insane with critical race theory and gender theory.

The foundation of the country and what we’ve always known to be true has been ripped out from under us, along with a random pandemic we were lied to about every single step of the way.

Many people are very unwell. Thankfully, the vast majority will never shoot anyone.

Though if even .0001% does, we have a massive crisis on our hands; it starts in the unwell minds of many of our fellow citizens.

The Bottom Line

This country needs to get very serious about mental illness very fast.

Instead of celebrating it and acting like it’s some cool personality trait, we need to realize mental illness is a potentially fatal condition that must be treated.