The Harassment of Senator Kyrsten Sinema Continues, This Time on a Flight

This hasn’t been a great few days for Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona. First, she was chased into a bathroom at the University of Arizona and heckled by extreme leftists about not voting for Biden’s $3.5 trillion bill.

The reason is the bill is packed with amnesty for illegal immigrants; the lunatics hounding Sinema wanted her to stop blocking it and open up the borders and funds. The police did nothing about the event.

Then, on CNN, Anderson Cooper said he wasn’t concerned since Trump supporters would be fine with this if it was Nancy Pelosi being chased into a bathroom. Nancy Pelosi in the bathroom? That is disgusting.

Anderson Cooper definitely knows how to ruin someone’s meal (and day)! In any case, Sinema’s troubles weren’t over after the incident at ASU. She was stalked again by the same harasser on a flight on Monday.

In-Flight Harassment

An illegal immigrant (who says that her father’s death is the fault of America’s border laws, for some reason) came up on Sinema in flight and started videotaping the interaction.

Sinema looks like a deer in the headlights and obviously does recognize this woman who stalked her in the bathroom. If someone followed you in a bathroom, jeered at you, and demanded you talk to them, you’d probably remember them too.

This illegal alien then demanded repeatedly that Sinema talk to her, saying she needs a “commitment” from Sinema to pass amnesty in reconciliation proceedings.

To her credit, the individual harassing Sinema is very clear on what she wants: an on-tape promise from Sinema to give illegals amnesty, and she keeps asking for it. Sinema appears to say several words in a low tone of voice; ultimately, the stalker accepted the senator won’t be promising this vote.

The stalker then walked away sadly. Just a thought, but maybe chasing someone in a bathroom and then following them onto a flight is not the best way to get them on your side.

Show Me the Money

These ongoing harassments of Sinema and criticism of fellow Democrat rebel Senator Joe Manchin are interesting for several reasons. For one thing, they show Biden doesn’t have as tight of a grip on his party as he’d like to think.

For another thing, they are showing the extreme left’s hand with this targeted harassment. Is this really just some random person going around with their cellphone video camera on? It looks a lot more like a funded operation by operatives.

Considering George Soros is funding the group behind these illegal immigrant activists (which is called “Living United for Change”), it’s no wonder they have money to fly around the country spewing pollution and harassing our elected members of government.

The Left Celebrates the Harassment

In addition to Cooper on CNN, MSNBC’s resident conspiracy theorist and airhead Joy Reid also said Sinema deserves the abuse. According to Reid, the fact that Sinema wore a ring in the past that said “F*** Off” means she is a fair target.

She made her bed, now she has to lie in it. Is that what Reid says when husbands hit their wives for nagging them, too? The left has truly gone insane.