The Global Left is Turning on Biden

Greta Thunberg is a Swedish teen who became the poster child for climate change activism a few years ago. World leaders encouraged her and said they agreed with her demands that societies stop producing so much carbon.

After all, she’s the perfect poster child to use for the Great Reset and their agenda to create a small elite who runs our lives under the excuse of protecting climate. However, now Thunberg is calling out Joe Biden and others for being all talk and not actually doing anything to stop climate change.

She says they’re just using Build Back Better and other terms to enrich their inner circles, instead of actually helping the environment. Poor, naive child. Of course they are…

Thunberg Mocks Biden

Speaking at a conference for young people in northern Italy on Tuesday, Thunberg said she is sick of leaders like Biden using meaningless talk and “politically correct” slogans with no action.

She said there’s been so much “blah blah,” but no actual results. In particular, she called out Biden’s massive COVID relief bill that he’s currently pitching. Thunberg made fun of Biden’s whole obsession with a “green economy” and future climate goals.

Meanwhile the world is going down the toilet as Biden and others “shamelessly” pat each other on the backs, Thunberg said. Ouch. All their promises have not actually improved the environment or brought us closer to helping the world survive into the future, Thunberg claimed.

Next thing you know, she’s going to realize she’s just being used as part of their sick globalist agenda and they never actually cared about the environment at all.

Is Thunberg Getting Red-Pilled?

Thunberg already embarrassed the UN by scolding them in front of the world. These martini-sipping, private jet-flying folks liked it at the time, however, finding her youthful idealism charming.

Now, it turns out she wasn’t just joking, though, and she’s not willing to just accept handshakes and photo ops. As she said, world leaders like Biden “cherry pick” people like her and use them to gain political support while ignoring what they actually say.

Rather than taking real action, these leaders just co-opt the youth movement and keep strangling the world.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Thunberg’s reaction here is important. She’s beginning to have that realization that some leftists do when they realize their leaders have been using them.

It’s not a nice feeling. When minorities, activists, and others begin to fully realize just how much they were duped, the level of anger can get pretty high. Biden deserves all this and more.

His insane $3.5 trillion spending bill is a slap in the face to this country and a trojan horse for crashing our private free market and handing more control to the globalist elite.