The Fall of Kabul is Close as Biden Rushes to Evacuate Remaining Americans

US military intelligence says the Afghan capital of Kabul may fall within several days. Helicopters are currently rushing Americans out of the embassy to get to the airport and leave the country.

This is Joe Biden’s Saigon Moment. The Taliban has retaken most large cities across Afghanistan, rapidly following Biden’s troop withdrawal.

They have seized millions of dollars of US equipment, Humvees and drones. This defeat will live in infamy.

Taliban Rush Kabul in Multi-Prong Advance

The Taliban are coming into Kabul from multiple directions. They say that they want to take the city peacefully and have negotiated with the collapsing US-backed Afghan government to turn it over without a fight.

Taliban leadership claims they will allow civilians and non-citizens to exit the city without being killed. They say they will not “take revenge” for the war which has now been going on 20 years. They just want full control and power.

Reporting across the country indicates that some Taliban are taking revenge and executing army and civilians who are against them, even when they beg for mercy.

American helicopters are now rushing in to get Americans out, as foreigners struggle to make sure they can fly out of the airport.

If and when the Taliban establish control in Kabul, access to the airport could be lost, which would be a disaster for foreigners still stuck in the country.

China Prepared to Recognize Taliban

America’s enemy, China, has already reportedly moved to recognize the Taliban as the official leaders of Afghanistan.

The leaders of Communist China have already said that this disaster is similar to the American pullout in Vietnam, when Vietcong closed in as the US military tried to get Americans and embassy staff out.

Biden set himself up for this humiliation by pulling out while leaving a corrupt, unstable government. Former secretary of state under President Trump Mike Pompeo said Biden is guilty of “poor leadership.”

Under Trump, according to Pompeo, the Taliban knew that they would be very severely attacked if they even “scared an American” in any way. Biden, by contrast, is seen as weak.

Biden’s Weakness

Biden’s administration is run by academics and woke hipsters with no knowledge of the real world. The last thing they can understand or win is war.

They think that everything is about transgender pronouns, supporting Black Lives Matter and talking about “human rights.” In the real world, things are about power.

Trump understood that. He led an administration that scared our enemies. That’s why liberals hated it.

Biden leads an administration that reserves its scary side for the American people, bullying them on vaccines and shutting down their businesses. As for America’s actual enemies? Biden’s message is basically: have a great day, and enjoy Kabul guys.