The Extent of China’s Secret Control of Our Government was Just Exposed

If you’re suspicious of communist China, the facts are on your side. New reporting has revealed just how deep China’s subversion of the United States goes and this is not pretty.

In fact it reveals our country is in deep danger, as Chinese communists work to take over our think tanks, corporations, political parties and federal and state government agencies.

A new report reveals that China worked to spread a high amount of propaganda against President Trump to make him lose the 2020 election.

China also works behind the scenes to boost Democrats who tend to be friendlier to the genocidal communist state.

The Threat From China is Very Real

If you recall, back under President Trump, we had a Secretary of State called Mike Pompeo, who also understood China was a major threat to our nation. As someone who previously headed the CIA, Pompeo knows what he’s talking about.

He said a minimum of 23 governors across our country were “compromised” by Chinese spies, blackmail, and extortion. This isn’t just a rumor; you can bet your bottom dollar that Pompeo had evidence to back this up.

He also warned at the time that China was working to worm its tentacles further into state and local governments and get their influence operation to an even higher level.

You may also recall that China’s spy factory – also known as its embassy – was hastily shut down in Houston, just around the time Biden was elected. It was closed because it directly tried to swing the election against Trump.

Do You Know About the United Front?

One of the groups China uses to try to influence US politics is called the United Front. In the 2020 presidential election, United Front helped with money and expertise to make sure recount efforts and fraud accusations were buried as quickly as possible in various states.

It’s awful to think about, but China and the United Front also injected themselves into our education system.

They did that by using “Confucius” programs to spread a positive vision of China and downplay the negative parts of communism.

There are around 500 Confucius school programs running right now in America and 75 in our universities, so don’t make the mistake of assuming they have no influence.

It Gets Worse

China has bankrolled over 10,000 efforts to lobby Congress; they also use firms like Mercury Public Affairs to do this.

There are over 600 individuals, companies, think tanks, activist groups like BLM, Antifa, and more who are directly or indirectly being run by China. It is no exaggeration to say China is trying to overthrow our nation from the inside.

The solution is simple; stop voting for or believing any politicians or groups who are soft on China.

Read the full report here.