The Derek Chauvin Trial is Not Going How the Prosecution Hoped

"Derek Chauvin, el expolicía que fue captado en video mientras colocaba su rodilla sobre el cuello de George Floyd, fue arrestado este viernes por las autoridades estatales bajo dos cargos: homicidio premeditado y homicidio en tercer grado. La muerte de es" by rupertomiller@hotmail. 6672 6121 hijo 66852945 is marked with CC0 1.0

Last year’s death of drug addict and violent ex-con George Floyd set the nation on fire.

The tape of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck for eight minutes outraged Americans across the country.

Chauvin was called a murderer, a monster, a racist psychopath.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) supporters marched through cities burning and looting while Antifa terrorists smashed windows, attacked police and caused mayhem.

Now Chauvin is facing trial on three charges: second degree unintentional felony murder, third degree “depraved mind” murder, and second degree manslaughter.

The problem for BLM and Antifa is that the prosecution’s case against Chauvin is completely falling apart. 

George Floyd by is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Expert Testimony Contradicts Media Narrative

You know how the left loves to say that we must “believe the science”? They always say that until the science contradicts their agenda. This is just one of many examples of that. The latest expert to testify at the Chauvin trial is medical examiner Dr. Andrew Baker. 

Baker services as medical examiner for Hennepin County, the county where Minneapolis is located. He provided medical expertise on what happened. When asked why Floyd died, Baker’s response was simple: Floyd’s heart stopped, also known as cardiopulmonary arrest.

While Baker has said that Floyd’s death was a homicide due to being kneeled on, he said that underlying conditions also contributed, including heart disease, hypertension, drugs, and stress.

According to Baker, Floyd’s heart was in extremely bad shape and he needed more oxygen than most people to stay alive because of narrow arteries and a weak heart. His heart had been beating fast due to being in the confrontation with cops and that together with being kneeled on made his heart stop beating. 

“In my opinion, the law enforcement subdual, restraint and the neck compression was just more than Mr. Floyd could take by virtue of that, those heart conditions,” Baker said, though adding he did not think the knee had blocked Floyd’s carotid artery.

Baker also confirmed that Floyd did overdose from drugs as well. He was found to have meth and fentanyl in his system after an autopsy, severely dangerous drugs that kills hundreds of Americans daily. 

Baker said that if he’d found Floyd under different circumstances he would have concluded it was an OD. 

“Had Mr. Floyd been home alone in his locked residence with no evidence of trauma and the only autopsy showed that fentanyl level then yes, I would certify his death as due to fentanyl toxicity.”

What Does it All Mean?

At this point, Chauvin is far from in the clear. He certainly could take the hit for second degree manslaughter. There is nobody arguing it was fine to kneel on Floyd’s neck for eight minutes. The question is simply whether or not Chauvin is guilty of all the charges against him. 

And the answer given the mounting evidence is: probably not. 

Floyd had underlying conditions and drug levels that can’t be ruled out as significant factors in his death, and it’s far from the clear-cut case that the prosecution and the left hopes it will be.

If Chauvin is cleared from most or all charges, however, get ready for a summer of love that makes last year look like an absolute picnic. You are likely to see something more along the lines of an armed insurrection. It doesn’t matter if Chauvin really isn’t the main reason Floyd died or not to protesters and rioters. They don’t care. 

He has a White face and he represents the police. If he’s not put behind bars for a long time mobs are going to swarm the streets and wreak total havoc.