Democrats Get Shock of Their Lives in Small Texas Town

McAllen Texas by Anthony Acosta D.Sc is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Have you ever looked at how Democrats treat minorities?

President Biden told African Americans who didn’t vote for him “you ain’t Black.”

The party routinely patronizes and condescends to Latinos, Asians, Native Americans, gay people, and others; Democrats speak to minorities like they’re little weaklings in need of protection from their nice big Democrat Party. 

However, the truth is that many voters are beginning to wake up. 

They’re sick of the see-through games; they’re sick of being used as political props by a cynical, corrupt, and completely useless party. 

The latest example of that has the Democrats absolutely panicked. 

It happened in the small border city of McAllen, Texas. 

President Trump Participates in a Roundtable Discussion on Immigration and Border Security in McAllen, Texas by The White House is marked with CC PDM 1.0

McAllen Flips to Red

McAllen is right on the Texas border and has a population of about 140,000. It’s 85% Latino American and recently held a mayoral race won by local Latino Republican candidate Javier Villalobos.

Even though the race wasn’t actually a partisan race, Villalobos has a long history in the state and local GOP; he’s also the former chair of the Hidalgo County Republican Party. 

This result undoubtedly has the Democrats panicked out of their minds.

As we saw in the 2020 election, a massive amount of Latinos voted for President Trump. Meanwhile, the old Democrat lies and promises to that community are beginning to wear off. 

The assumption that any Latino American automatically sides with illegal immigrants and wants open borders is not only insulting and illogical, it’s also deeply racist (as the Democrats obviously are). 

Why would patriotic Latino Americans want desperate trafficked illegals to come in and undercut the labor supply? Why would Latinos want illegals to flood their communities with crime and crash the economy just as we’re working to recover from COVID?

They wouldn’t. 

The Democrats are beginning to slowly realize that their racial stereotypes are falling through.

‘I Promise Not to Let You Down’

Writing on Facebook after his victory, Villalobos said “I promise not to let you down” and thanked the community for believing in him. Supporters said he is a “proven leader” and congratulated him. 

He enjoys support across the board in McAllen because he’s not just some “token” being used by the Democrats to reinforce a victim mentality or group people according to their skin tone. 

As a smart lawyer and local politician, Villalobos understands that support for the Democrats is wearing thin. Even though McAllen overwhelmingly went for Hillary and Biden in the last two elections, that’s changing. 

Latinos and all Americans are realizing that the Democrats have nothing to offer but empty words and victim narratives. During these tough times, that’s the last thing we need.