The Democrats’ Disastrous Tax-and-Spend Philosophy

When Joe Biden became president, he promised a golden era of American unity and prosperity. He promised to swiftly end COVID and get our economy back on track.

Biden called his plan “Build Back Better,” which sounds like some kind of kindergarten lesson. It also sounds a lot like the Great Reset, a globalist idea to force the world into a new high-tech digital socialist system.

Once he took power, Biden showed his true colors. He revealed he’s just another tax and spend Democrat full of disastrous ideas and obsessions that are now sinking America.

The Tax and Spend Philosophy

The basic idea of the tax and spend philosophy Democrats believe in asserts that society is in a class war between the rich and the workers. This version of Marxism basically believes if we take money from the rich and spend it on government projects, workers will also enter the upper classes and the whole country will be better off.

The reality of tax and spend is it guts our companies and economy while bloating the government to keep wasting money. The main problem is the left has a very unrealistic and childish idea of government in this regard.

They think government is like some cheery uncle who just wants to help you out. Yet, the truth is the government is corrupt, incompetent, incredibly slow, inefficient, and – often – full of lies.

We could raise taxes by 20% tomorrow and almost all our problems in society would still exist. These problems would nevertheless include homelessness, drug addiction, unemployment, crime, and political polarization.

The Lies of the Left

The left wants you to believe if we just tax more and spend more, problems will start to disappear. They’re flat-out lying to you for their own benefit and to maintain power.

If you want proof, look at cities and states run by the Democrats. From San Francisco to New York and Oregon to New Jersey, Democrat-run states are in a complete mess. They have higher and higher taxes with and fewer and fewer results.

Democrat politicians coddle criminals while cracking down on gun rights. Democrat politicians raise taxes on the rich to fork money over to the companies of their rich donors and pretend it’s helping the poor.

Democrats are hypocritical, race-baiting liars who just want to empty your wallet and leave you in the dust.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is high taxes and high spending are a recipe for disaster. They don’t increase our skills or economic resilience. They don’t improve our military. They don’t improve our education system.

They just bloat our nation’s budgets and weaken our national morale. Joe Biden and the Democrats can take their tax and spend ideology and throw it in the garbage where it belongs.