Democrats’ Mistakes Will Cost Lives

Washington state is about as blue a state as it gets.

Despite pockets of patriotic Independents and conservatives who love America, the state’s big cities like Seattle are overrun by a festering Democrat infestation.

Washington’s statehouse is chock full of leftists who are fanatical about passing horrible legislation that puts everyone in the state in danger.

When they’re not busy sinking the economy, these state Democrats are literally making it easier for hardened criminals to get away with murder. Let’s take a look at the latest disturbing example.

Drive-By Stupidity

The Democrats in Washington are trying to reduce sentencing for those convicted in drive-by shootings. They say this is about stopping racism, since they claim drive-by shootings unfairly put penalties on young black men.

This isn’t true, but facts never got in the way of a Democrat narrative, especially a Democrat narrative on race.

The Washington Democrat crusade to coddle criminals is being led by former felon and State Representative Tarra Simmons, as well as fellow Rep. David Hackney.

Their bill was put forward a few weeks ago and aims to make sure drive-by shooters don’t get hit with first-degree murder charges.

While the rest of us are out here trying our best not to get murdered in blue cities like Seattle, idiots like Simmons and Hackney are doing their best to cushion the punishment for armed psychopaths.

Just remember, you as a law-abiding American need to have your gun rights restricted, according to these galaxy brains. The Democrats are truly trying to drag us into a dystopia.

How are WA Democrats Justifying This Push?

The Washington State Democrats are justifying the desire to reduce sentencing on drive-by shootings by saying this fights racism.

According to Simmons, drive-by shootings are mainly done by young black men in gangs; therefore, it is racist to punish them with first-degree murder charges.

These young men should only get the same charges as someone else who commits second-degree murder, she said, accusing the state’s legal system of engaging in “systemic racism,” by counting drive-bys as first-degree murder.

As Republicans in Washington are pointing out, the state is having a huge “surge” in murders and violence; this isn’t the time to relax punishment.

As GOP state Representative Jacquelin Maycumber noted, rape is up by 40% since 2016 and assault is up 50% in that same time period. Why would you want to now make things easier on violent criminals?

It just doesn’t make sense.

The Bottom Line

The Democrats want to coddle criminals and then, Democrats want to set them loose on the rest of us. They are therefore enemies of the people.

Any Democrat who doesn’t want to betray the American people must leave the party immediately.