The Beginning of the End May Be Here For BLM

When Black Lives Matter (BLM) first came into inception, it declared its sole mission as being the achievement of social justice for the African-American community.

Unfortunately, what BLM has done in reality is lie about police officers, engage in destructive riots, and otherwise contribute to division in this nation.

Furthermore, the organization hasn’t been able to appropriately answer for how it’s handled the millions of dollars in donations that it’s received over the years. Right now, a significant portion of that money looks to have been spent on multi-million-dollar homes for BLM’s confounders.

Though fresh revelations from the New York Post indicate that BLM is currently skating on extremely thin ice.

These Tax Records Don’t Look Good

According to tax records from 2022, BLM wrapped up last year with a -$8.5 million deficit. This comes in spite of the organization spending more than $17 million and having considerably higher earnings in 2021.

BLM received massive donations from not just concerned individuals, but also from big-time businesses and brand names.

Not only have organization leaders been accused of using these funds to pay for fancy homes, but reports also charge them with funneling the money into individual coffers.

This is a terrible look all the way around.

The Critics Were Right

If one thing’s for certain, it’s that these financial disclosures have now proven that critics of BLM were right all along.

Amazingly, despite the -$8.5 million deficit that BLM is saddled with, this hasn’t impeded certain higher-ups within the group from disbursing big money on various services for “consulting” and “security.”

Time will tell if BLM finds itself on the end of legal problems, due to this major debt that’s just been revealed, especially when that’s contrasted with how the organization promised the public it would use funds.

On social media, news of the massive deficit BLM faces has been met with rightful objection.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.