The Awful Truth About Biden’s First Term Revealed

Joe Biden came into office promising to fix all our problems. Instead, a quick look around shows us how he’s made them all one hundred times worse.

Of course, we can’t just blame him. We also have to point a finger at woke Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, pathetic Secretary of State Antony Blinken, VP Kamala Harris, and treasonous chief of the Department of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas.

The awful truth about Joe Biden’s first and hopefully last term as president has now been fully exposed.

He spent literally almost half of it on vacation, allowing the worst elements of his administration to take the helm and the globalist ventriloquists to run the show from behind the curtain.

Biden’s Fake Presidency

While Biden’s been hiding behind his border fence at his Delaware beach house, some crazy clowns have taken over the ship of state. These include his VP Kamala Harris, who constantly looks like she’s auditioning for a sequel of Dumb & Dumber.

It also includes the administrative Deep State full of pronoun-using mid-wits with zero respect for America’s history or potential future.

They have used and abused our country’s greatness, our military, and our economic prowess to push their green energy insanity and big spending ideology, shoving it down the throats of the American people, while obsessing about January 6.

The raid on Donald Trump is just the latest example of their ideological extremism and incompetence. They’re going after a man who’s no longer in office just to try to prevent him from running in 2024 and then leaking out photos of classified documents on the floor.

Let me get this straight, Trump was hiding crucial, dangerous documents, but the intelligence community somehow allowed a photo of them tossed on the floor to go out to the entire world? Absolute stupidity.

The Scary Truth

The scary truth is Biden spent 100% of his presidency on vacation. Some of that vacation is inside his own mind, but it’s clear to everyone that nobody’s home.

This standing vacancy invites occupiers; they’ve swarmed in all too willingly, hijacking America for their own greedy and stupid objectives.

Chief of Staff Ron Klain might think he gets to feed whatever policies he wants, courtesy of his various handlers, but the American people never voted to elect him.

This country is being run by a shadow government full of leftist spooks and Deep State apparatchiks without the basic competence to even stabilize our inflation crisis or protect our interests against the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Our energy independence under Trump, for example, has been completely kneecapped.

The Bottom Line

Joe Biden’s mind is on a permanent vacation. His regime is being run by some of the worst jokes in American political history.

It’s time to start taking this joke seriously, because we’re all suffering as a result of it.