The American People Are Outraged at Biden Over Afghanistan

Joe Biden is not mentally fit to be president. He trails off in sentences and makes choices that make no sense. Biden’s decision to pull troops out of Afghanistan (without first evacuating Americans and our military equipment) ranks as one of the worst disasters in US history.

Now a new poll is out showing that the American people are furious over Biden’s Afghan decision.

Poll: 76% of Voters Think Biden’s Afghan Pullout is Not Going Well

A new poll from Morning Consult and Politico shows that only 24% of respondents believe Biden’s pullout from Afghanistan is going well. The poll also asked people if America should still pull out even if it means the Taliban are fully in charge; 47% said the US should “definitely” or “probably” still pull out.

The poll reconfirms what many of us already suspected: Biden’s Afghan pullout has lost the remaining trust he had with the American people. When Democrats like Nancy Pelosi say that “hopefully” the thousands of Americans trapped in Afghanistan are rescued, it’s deeply hollow and disappointing.

At this date, over 80,000 rescues have been made from Afghanistan, but only around 4,000 of those rescues are US citizens. The majority are Afghan refugees and civilians. Our own citizens are still stranded.

How Many Americans are Still Stranded?

At this point, there are at least an estimated 10,000 US citizens still stranded in Afghanistan. Biden has been smirking and refusing to say what his plan is to get these Americans out.

When the media asked him recently, he dodged the question and sarcastically muttered off mic that he’d call the reporter first thing once he knew. This was caught on hot mic, and NBC reporter Peter Alexander wasn’t impressed when Biden then walked off without taking any questions.

Biden has a big attitude about Afghanistan. He also recently quipped back at George Stephanopoulos when he challenged Biden on why the pullout has gone so badly. This is not a competent or adult president.

This isn’t about playing a game of gotcha with POTUS; this is about real American lives at stake right now. It’s not the time to play around and dodge questions or for Biden to act like this is all some conspiracy to get rid of him.

He’s the president and it’s his job to take responsibility and tell us what the hell is going on. American lives are in his hands directly due to his decision and his poorly managed pullout from a hostile warzone after 20 years.

He left the Taliban our weapons and equipment; meanwhile, Biden’s left our citizens terrified and alone in Kabul and other parts of Afghanistan. Now tell us what comes next and start saving American lives. The time for waiting is well past.