Texas Takes a Huge Step Forward to Protect Kids

One of the most disturbing things coming from the far left over the past several decades has been their promotion of childhood transgenderism.

The left and their sponsors in the Democrat Party have relentlessly pushed to teach young kids their gender isn’t real.

This isn’t just about Drag Queen Story Hour at libraries or telling children some people are born “different.” This is leftists intentionally injecting their toxic ideology into the minds of young kids.

This is medical doctors actively encouraging youngsters and teens to begin transitioning to another gender without considering the hugely serious physical and psychological downsides.

Now, the Lone Star State is taking steps to protect these kids from the perverted predators who want to ruin their lives.

Texas Governor Outlaws Childhood Trans Operations

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has shown his leadership in various ways. This includes our unstable southern border, where he deployed the Texas National Guard to help secure the area when Biden wouldn’t take action.

Abbott is a patriot and an America First conservative who genuinely cares about his state and about the United States.

For that reason, he’s now signed into law a new bill that requires illegal childhood transgender operations to be fully investigated and prosecuted. All Abbott is doing here is acting in accordance with morality and basic common sense.

His own Attorney General Ken Paxton recently noted doctors and others who encourage kids to get a sex change are abusing kids. There’s no other way to say it, and that’s entirely correct.

These barbaric mutilation practices need to be stopped; the next person who gives puberty blockers to a 12-year-old should end up behind bars for a long time.

The Left Reacts with Outrage

Across social media and online, the left reacted with outrage to Abbott’s childhood trans ban. They pointed out his requirement of social services and others to report instances they hear of kids being promoted to transition could face legal consequences if they don’t.

This is true, and it’s smart. Abbott is not letting anyone off the hook; as he noted in this law, pushing kids to switch gender is abuse and should be a crime. If you help someone do a crime, you have done a crime. 

It’s actually very simple. Gender dysphoria, or the psychological condition of feeling bad in your own gender category, is a very real psychological condition.

Treating it by changing gender is a very rare remedy that can backfire horribly and certainly shouldn’t be the main course of treatment. Abbott is right to make it illegal and take steps to protect Texas kids.

However, the left was outraged, with leftists like has-been pop duo Tegan and Sara saying “f*** Greg Abbott” and claiming those who oppose kids having their genitals cut are “dinosaurs” and “monsters” who want to hurt kids.

It’s the exact opposite. It’s braindead leftists like Tegan and Sara who want to hurt kids while pretending to be compassionate. They need to shut their damn mouths.

The people of Texas can breathe a sigh of relief, at least for now.