Texas is Turning Even Redder, Thanks to Latino American Conservatives

The Democrat Party has long focused on Hispanic Americans as one of their core voter blocs.

That is part of the reason why multiple Democrat administrations have spoken so nicely about illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America.

They think it is helping them with Latino Americans who sympathize with the illegals. Democrats think they will score more votes as they import in new dependent voters over the southern border.

The truth is actually quite different, as the state of Texas is now proving.

Latinos in Texas Are Done with the Left

Hidalgo County is located in south Texas near the border and has a population of 866,000 people. Its main cities include Edinburg, McAllen, Mission, and Pharr.

It’s a great place to live; although, the stream of illegal immigrants over the border has made some of the towns and small cities a bit more crowded and dangerous over the past few years.

Hidalgo County is now the scene of a nationwide trend: conservative Latinos running for office as Republicans and starting a groundswell of support.

These include three individuals all from Hidalgo County: Monica De La Cruz, Adrienne Peña-Garza, and Mayra Flores who are all running for Congress. Peña-Garza was propelled forward after becoming head of the GOP for the county.

She was met with hate after this and accused of “betraying” her race, including having violent women try to threaten her near her office.

This only made Peña-Garza double down on her conviction that the left didn’t have the answers, only hate.

A Symbolic Rise

All of these individuals who are planning runs for office from Hidalgo County are good examples of the way in which Latinos are becoming more conservative and more pro-Republican.

They are hardworking folks from good families. Flores works in a hospital and her husband helps protect the border. De La Cruz sells insurance.

Together, they’re all fundraising and organizing hard to get out of the vote and reach more Latino Americans in south Texas. They are working on turning the south of Texas from a blue patch into a purple zone and eventually back to a nice, deep red.

This all was proven to be more than just a passing fad in the 2020 election when Trump took huge gains in all the Texas border counties and De La Cruz almost took over the seat of local Democrat Vincent Gonzalez, missing by only three points.

The Bottom Line

Get ready for a massive red wave in November, including many Latino Americans.

The over-simplification and messages of the Democrat Party are starting to be discovered to be the hollow rhetoric of liars.

Also, that means the Republican Party is becoming stronger, more diverse, and spreading even to formerly blue areas.