Texas is Taking a Big Step Forward to Protect America

The federal government won’t do its job to protect America, so Texas is stepping up to the plate. Led by Republican Governor Greg Abbott, the Lone Star State has now started building its own border wall with Mexico.

Texas has a long border; just on the other side is one of the most dangerous countries in the world, overrun by dangerous drug traffickers and psychopathic criminals who traffic people and fentanyl for huge sums of money.

As Abbott noted, Biden’s “open border” rules and lack of action created a crisis. Since the feds won’t enforce America’s laws, Abbott will.

Texas Gets Tough on the Border

The first panels of the Texas wall are going up in the Rio Grande Valley; Abbott and other Texans are thrilled about it. This land belongs to the state of Texas and the money for this wall is coming from the state of Texas.

The company being hired to construct this wall was previously also hired by President Trump to accomplish his wall, which got nixed by Biden when he took office.

It may not come as a surprise to many patriots, but one of the strangest things about the Texas border wall is the Biden regime won’t allow it to use the steel Trump already bought to build its wall.

This steel is sitting there in big heaps, but because it’s property of the federal government, they have a say on it. They said that Texas can’t use it; so the Lone Star State is getting all its own steel for the wall.

Nobody can ever say Texas freeloaded. They’re currently the best thing standing between us and the invasion from Mexico.

The Bottom Line

Illegals just got a much harder job, thanks to Abbott and the state of Texas. As the Texas Department of Safety noted, any illegal immigrant coming in will immediately be arrested. Catching and releasing them is not an option.

The Biden regime has repeatedly shown it’s not serious about protecting the United States. One of the worst parts of that is border states like Texas and California have been left in the lurch.

Meanwhile, New Mexico, Arizona, and other states have also been invaded by armies of illegals. The left talks about compassion, but then they encourage illegal immigration to continue.

They don’t seem to care that illegal immigration hurts legal immigrants and it exposes illegal immigrants to immense abuse, danger, and exploitation. This includes the dangerous human, sex, and drug traffickers who pour in.

With our nation experiencing record inflation, a fentanyl overdose crisis, and COVID, we can’t afford to let this continue. Biden doesn’t care, but it’s nice to see that governors like Abbott are still paying attention.