Texas is Going to Build its Own Border Wall

Greg Abbott by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

If Biden won’t protect America’s southern border, then Texas Governor Greg Abbott will do it himself.

When swindlers and fakes fall through, real men step up to the plate.

In an announcement on Thursday, Abbott said Texas will be taking special action steps to fix the crisis on the southern border; this will include building its own border wall. 

President Trump and the First Lady in El Paso, Texas by The White House is marked with CC PDM 1.0

Abbott’s Action Plan

Abbott said that specifics on building a Texas border wall will be announced next week; however, the construction of “border barriers” will start immediately. 

The purpose of the barriers isn’t just to stop illegal immigrants; it’s to make it easier to arrest people since anyone who seeks to “modify, [try], or get through” any sections of the wall will be committing a serious crime.

Biden cut off all the federal funding for the border wall with an executive order on day one in the Oval Office; this is why governors like Abbott now have to step up and plug the gap. 

As Abbott observed, the state government passed about $1 billion towards border security in its latest budget; the Lone Star State also created a special task force that is just assigned to protect and monitor the border. 

The Truth 

The truth is that Biden’s rhetoric and policies amped up the border crisis and turned it into an absolute disaster zone.

Putting VP Kamala Harris in charge has clearly done zero to improve the border in any way; in fact, Harris recently went on a diplomatic trip where she completely failed. The vice president made irrelevant excuses, offending numerous foreign leaders and attracting protesters. 

Cartels and traffickers are profiting and abusing people. Meanwhile, the presidents of Mexico and Guatemala both said Biden and his team are to blame for the flood of people leaving their countries and the power growth of human traffickers. 

As for Abbott, he hasn’t pulled any punches. The Texas governor maintains that the current problems and surge in illegal immigrants are a subsequent result of open border policies from the Biden administration.

There have been over 180,000 illegal immigrants caught by US Border Patrol in May, up 2,000 from April. The number of unaccompanied minors also continues to be shockingly high. 

Governors like Abbott and Ron DeSantis of Florida are the new leaders in this country. They are doing what they can with state power to counter the anti-American policies of the Biden administration and channel funding towards essentials. 

DeSantis is taking steps to stop Chinese communists from overrunning his university; he’s alsoo blocking vaccine passports and keeping the economy open, while Abbott is doing his part to try to secure the southern border. 

Thank God there are still some real patriots left.