Texas Has a New Tactic to Stop Illegal Immigration

The state of Texas is one of the first points of entry for millions of illegal aliens per year.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott first tried to work with the federal government, only to experience a complete lack of support from Joe Biden and his globalist administration.

Since that time, he’s helped fund a border wall and also stepped up patrols and enforcement along large stretches of the open Texas border.

Now, a new mission has illegals being stopped at a higher rate than ever before.

Operation Lone Star

Operation Lone Star pairs Texas Department of Safety (DPS) and National Guard troops in various enforcement missions along the border. This weekend, they arrested numerous individuals, including migrants from the dangerous south American nation of Honduras.

DPS viewed the group of Hondurans trespassing across somebody’s ranch. They saw them with a drone; then, troops ran after these individuals and arrested them. They said they were in the US to find work.

To be clear, DPS has no authority to charge or prosecute these men for the federal crime of illegal immigration. However, they can be charged under Texas law.

This DPS and Texas Guard partnership is smart and it’s helping secure the Texas border. There’s still a long way to go to stop the human wave that’s coming, but they are making progress.

Nightly Patrols

This includes nightly patrols by DPS and the Guard, as well as using technology to their benefit, such as drones. They are increasing their patrols every day and also preparing for the expiry of Title 42 in May.

Title 42 was an emergency health provision in the pandemic that made it easier to send illegals home. It expires in May.

There are around 10,000 illegals per day expected to swamp our southern border once Title 42 expires very soon. That’s a huge amount. Abbott is very smart for already preparing to meet that challenge and protect Texan and American lives.

That’s the crucial issue here: this crisis is not only harming Texas, it’s also harming the entire United States, along with our national security, economy, and social fabric.

We can’t continue to allow thousands of strangers a day to come across our border; we just can’t.

Rest in Peace to a Hero

Last and most importantly, rest in peace to Texas Army National Guard Specialist Bishop E. Evans.

He died after jumping in the Rio Grande near Eagle Pass, Texas on Friday to save a group of drowning illegal immigrants.

These illegals turned out to be drug dealers and criminals, like so many of the undocumented strangers coming into our nation.

Nonetheless, Evans gave his life, showing the heroism of the American spirit in trying to protect life and why our country is better than all others.

Rest in peace, hero.