Terrorist Takes Hostages at Texas Synagogue

On Saturday night, FBI agents and Texas law enforcement responded to a hostage-taking at a synagogue in the Dallas-Fort Worth suburb of Colleyville.

They were dealing with a serious crisis that occurred earlier in the day; an armed man came into the house of worship and took hostages, demanding the release of an Islamic terrorist in US custody.

He claimed to be her brother and said he didn’t want anybody to get hurt. However, in order for that to happen, the gunman demanded Siddiqui had to be let free.

Well, she’s in jail for serious crimes and that wasn’t going to happen. The crisis began escalating in intensity.

Gunman’s Identity Not Confirmed

The FBI announced although they do know the gunman’s identity, they would not be releasing it at this time.

Reports of the hostage-taking came in on Saturday morning during Sabbath services at the Beth Israel synagogue. People who lived nearby were escorted out of their homes; SWAT teams responded and hostage negotiator Matt DeSarno came in.

The gunman took the rabbi and three other people in the synagogue hostage and demanded the US let Pakistani scientist Aafia Siddiqui out of jail.

She was imprisoned for 86 years over a decade ago after being convicted of shooting at members of the US military when she was arrested in Afghanistan.

Islamic extremists in Pakistan were enraged at the sentence, who saw it as Americans persecuting a pious woman.

The Colleyville synagogue gunman said he was Siddiqui’s brother, but later explained he wasn’t actually her brother who is, in fact, in Houston.

What Happened Next?

By Saturday night, FBI SWAT teams and Texas law enforcement were ready to move.

They advanced on the temple and killed the suspect, freeing all four hostages who were not injured, but obviously shaken up.

The Prime Minister of Israel Naftali Bennet said he was grateful for the work in rescuing the hostages. Joe Biden also praised the police’s “fearless” actions in getting the hostages away from the armed gunman.

At this point, the exact motive or why the man chose the synagogue is unclear.

Although some reports are claiming it was motivated specifically by anti-Semitism, as would seem likely, the gunman’s interactions with police didn’t indicate any real interest in the synagogue or Jewish people specifically.

Although Islamic terrorists obviously hate Jews, it is looking more and more likely that this gunman chose the synagogue because he knew it would generate maximum outrage and pressure.

Anti-Semitic attacks have been on the rise, particularly motivated by the far left and rhetoric against Israel and “Zionism.”

What About Siddiqui?

American-educated Siddiqui is often known as “Lady al Qaeda.”

She tried to kill US forces after being captured amid plotting terrorist actions against members of the US-backed Afghan government in 2008.

She is currently imprisoned at the female-only FMC (Federal Medical Center) Carswell in Fort Worth, with a release date of May 2082.