Terrorist Stabs to Death Top Politician

When leftist and terrorist hate gets out of control, it can lead to murder. We saw that last summer with Antifa killing conservatives in the streets of Oregon and assaulting Trump supporters for years.

We also saw that in past situations like the attacks in San Bernardino, when crazed Islamists gunned down their colleagues at work. The truth is the radical left and their Islamist allies are a threat around the world.

The latest example comes to us from England on Friday, where a leading conservative politician was brutally stabbed until he died. England has strict gun control laws, but as we can see, that doesn’t stop psychopathic killers from murder when they decide to go through with it.

Who Was Killed?

The man killed is a long-time British conservative member of parliament, called David Amess. Amess had been in British parliament since 1983, first in the Redbridge and Basildon districts, and then in the Southend West district since 1997.

Amess was speaking to members of his district to keep them up to date on political happenings and taking questions they had on Friday in a Methodist church. He was basically just doing his job and making sure he was there for folks who had questions about what was going on in his district of Southend West.

As a devout Catholic, Amess was pro-life and held socially conservative views, which often put him at odds with liberal British society. However, he gained the respect of people from various political beliefs because of his kind personality and work on many files, including opposing animal cruelty.

His Christian beliefs appear to have led to the attack. This happened when a fanatical attacker advanced on him in the church and began repeatedly stabbing him. Amess died on the scene in a pool of blood as panicked onlookers reacted in terror.

What Exactly Happened?

Police reports indicate while Amess was speaking to constituents in the church, a young man entered with a knife. He rushed at the politician and began stabbing him. He was arrested immediately, but too late to save Amess.

The Somali British person is 25; although, police haven’t yet said if it’s being considered terrorism. Somalia is a hotbed of Islamist hate, so the chance it’s not a terrorist attack is zero.

Police are still trying to establish a motive, but what’s unclear is why Amess was targeted. He hadn’t done anything in particular to upset Muslims or minorities. This may have even just been a random jihadist deciding to go off on anyone he could find.

British PM Reacts

British PM Boris Johnson expressed enormous sadness for Amess, saying he was “full of shock” over what happened. Johnson talked about all the work Amess had done over the years to help anyone he could.

The leader of the British leftist Labor Party also had kind words for Amess. Amess was happily married and had five children. Please pray for his family, if you can.