Tens of Thousands of High-Paying, High-Tech Jobs are Coming to America

There are so many stories of multinational corporations going woke and doing the wrong thing that it’s nice to report some good news.

Technology giant Intel is bringing tens of thousands of new high-tech and high-paying jobs to America with a new chipmaking hub in Ohio.

The Santa Clara, California-headquartered multinational corporation with revenue around $80 billion per year, said it will be spending $20 billion to build the massive new factory in Ohio, creating a “Silicon Heartland” in a struggling state.

This is great news for Ohio and for America.

More Details Released

More details were released by Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger about the new chipmaking center, which will be in New Albany, around a 20-minute drive northeast of Columbus.

The new manufacturing hub will be 1,000 acres, with the potential to grow to 2,000. It will also have two main chip production centers employing over 3,000 people. This will even support many thousands of more jobs across the supply chain.

The new chip factory will open in 2025 and the building of it is already slated to start this year.

As chip shortages lead to increases in automobile prices and tensions between China and Taiwan threaten our chip supply, this is a great move by Intel.

As Gelsinger said, he expects the New Albany plant to become the biggest chipmaker in the world and create a new “Silicon Heartland.”

Gelsinger has previously said he wants Intel to overtake Samsung and TSMC to become the world’s largest chipmaker. Intel has been working hard to meet that goal, including making improvements to one of its main New Mexico chip hubs.

Still, this is the first time Intel has built manufacturing factories in a new state in four decades; it’s a bold step forward.

Gelsinger is a Devout Christian and a Smart Businessman

Another interesting thing about Intel is Gelsinger is a devout Christian who has created missionary organizations, including Transforming the Bay with Christ (TBC).

He was also a founder of William Jessup Christian University near Sacramento, and is widely known as one of the top philanthropists in the world.

Gelsinger is stepping up and putting his money where his mouth is at a time when that’s exactly what America needs. They are building up their factory in Arizona, upgrading New Mexico, building this new hub in Ohio, and working to bring up America’s chip capacity.

It’s good for our economy, good for our national security, and good for our future. In the late 90s, America made 37% of the world’s chips; now we make only 12%.

Gelsinger wants to bring that number back up, and we can all stand behind him in that goal. It’s the perfect example of a win-win situation for our working families and for America.