Tempers Flare Over McCarthy’s Bid for House Speaker

Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colorado, said “this is bulls—-” on Tuesday throughout a House GOP Conference session about House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s quest for speaker.

Tempers Flair

The remark, which a spokeswoman for Boebert informed Fox News Digital was neither shouted nor spoken into a microphone, was made Tuesday morning. This is when McCarthy, R-Calif., was delivering an address intended to unify his party prior to the leadership election.

McCarthy faced competition for House Speaker from Boebert, Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., and lawmakers from the House Freedom Caucus.

Each of these House GOP members are the ones who argue he really hasn’t established himself as deserving of the new Republican majority’s speakership.

Virginia Rep. Bob Good stated the House Republican conference was heated and McCarthy’s attempt to convince conservative Republicans to cast votes for him failed.

Good reported the session was really aggressive and he didn’t believe it did anything to sway those predisposed to vote against Kevin McCarthy. Good is among the five Republicans who stated they cannot support McCarthy.

House Freedom Caucus Chairman Scott Perry of Pennsylvania, who already said he’d consider voting against McCarthy, left little room for question that he would support another candidate.

Perry stated in a press statement on Tuesday morning, that throughout his 14 years in the Republican leadership, McCarthy has consistently been unable to show any intention to significantly alter the current quo in Washington.

He said despite their apprehensions, they have worked diligently to find a way ahead with McCarthy, anticipating that this vital time will eventually arrive.

Perry’s comments follow a statement he and eight lawmakers from the House Freedom Caucus delivered to McCarthy on Sunday, outlining their proposal for the organization of party leadership.

On Tuesday, Perry stated that he could endorse McCarthy provided he complies with their demands.

Perry said to Fox News that if Leader McCarthy is prepared to publicly announce he supports the agreement to become Speaker, then they will proceed to talk in good faith.

As he proceeded to the private conversation where he would deliver his address, McCarthy assured reporters it was going to be a terrific day for him. Republicans in the House voted on governance on Tuesday afternoon.

McCarthy Loses Vote

McCarthy failed to capture the majority during voting for House Speaker, jeopardizing his hopes of securing the position amid a protest by a small group of Republican dissidents.

This seems to foreshadow the turbulence that will engulf the House for the next two years.

McCarthy, who is 57 years old, received support from a large number of Republicans throughout all three rounds of voting, but this was insufficient to gain the majority of the House.

In the initial two rounds, 19 GOP members voted to oppose him; that number increased to 20 in the third.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.