Tech Billionaire Elon Musk Has Harsh Words for Joe Biden

Elon Musk is officially the richest man in the world, but that hasn’t slowed him down from being on the leading edge of technological innovation.

With SpaceX and Tesla at the forefront of changing how we travel to other planets and on our own, Musk’s ideas have massive influence.

Part of that influence is Musk has started speaking out more and more against progressive politicians who he feels are holding back wealth and progress.

He called socialist busybody Senator Elizabeth Warren a “Karen” several months ago and also hasn’t been shy about his dislike of woke culture and ideology.

Now, Musk is taking on the big cheese himself, Joe Biden, with some very harsh words for the Democrat and his policies.

Musk vs. Biden

The left has been especially hard on Musk about his taxes, trying to paint him as a greedy, heartless rich person “freeloading” off society by not paying enough to the IRS.

After already paying out over $11 billion in taxes, Musk had enough of being told he was greedy by leftist politicians. The truth is Musk’s primary interests aren’t political; they’re technological. He wants to improve and innovate technology.

However, because of the relentless attacks on him, Musk has taken the filter off and become a lot more reactive to the people who keep going after him.

The Biden regime is sinking in popularity every day among many people of all backgrounds, and Musk is one of them. He recently said Biden and his cronies are taking the US public for “fools,” in response to Biden meeting with GM and Ford at the White House.

Biden wants to give them a huge bump in tax credits for employing union workers on their electric cars. Musk called Biden a “damp sock puppet” and said his government is run by unions. Where’s the lie?

The Union Trap

The thing about unions is they once served a real purpose in protecting workers and their wages. It makes sense to have a group that cares about workers and advocates for them.

However, the problem with unions can be seen in the collapse of once-great cities like Detroit. Corrupt leaders took over these groups and used them as money vacuums to enrich themselves.

They took giant bonuses and vacations, while paying off politicians to give them tax breaks and unfair market advantages. That’s still going on, as unions continue to walk mostly hand-in-hand with the left and pretend to care about the American worker.

In that way, they’re similar to Biden himself: fake, corrupt, and incestuously connected to other political power players in a circle of conflicts of interest. It’s the Democrat way and Musk doesn’t like it.

Biden’s Bluff

Biden says he wants every single vehicle sold in the United States by 2030 to be electric. He’s been meeting with GM, Ford, and other union-controlled companies for some time now, while leaving Musk and Tesla out of the mix.

Musk has noticed and he’s not impressed. Tesla recently reported $5.5 billion in profits for 2021 and is surging ahead. Just because they aren’t in bed with Biden’s unions doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get a piece of the pie.

Musk is right.