Teacher Under Fire After Rallying Against Capitalism

A huge part of what makes America so great is capitalism. Capitalism encourages innovation, entrepreneurship, and hard work. It also allows people to serve their communities and ultimately make society a better, more fulfilled place.

Unfortunately, not everyone is on board with capitalism.

Some folks, predominantly left-wing folks, believe capitalism is evil and exploitative. However, people with this view tend to have a rosy, inaccurate image of what economic systems like socialism and communism truly entail.

People as individuals have a right to their own opinions. However, it becomes a problem when these opinions are pushed on children by adults in authority roles.

This is why one teacher in Maryland is presently under fire, as reported by Fox News.

Going Too Far

Schoolteacher Rebecca Rothstein is under fire after taking to TikTok and bragging about shoving communism down the throats of her students at North Bethesda Middle School.

Not only does Rothstein bash capitalism, but she’s also made clear her view that capitalism needs to be chucked by means of a violent revolution. Critics have accused her of incitement to violence as a result of her claims that violence is a necessary force to bring about revolutions.

In additional TikTok content, Rothstein admitted that she believes teachers should be allowed to give lessons on “anti-racism” and “skip” critical lessons about science and math.

Finally, the middle school teacher minced no words in saying capitalism needs to “go” and revealing she’s handing out “Marxist literature” to her students.

So far, North Bethesda Middle School has yet to provide a public statement regarding whether or not it endorses Rothstein’s views and rhetoric.

Not a Good Sign

Many Americans were not happy to learn that middle school students in Maryland are having these sorts of views shoved down their throats.

Rothstein’s now viral TikTok content comes as America continues to debate what kinds of teachings ought to be available in schools. It also arrives as teachers unions and instructors are often clashing with concerned parents and citizens.

Judging from the lack of action on the end of North Bethesda Middle School, Rothstein could very well keep her job and continue pushing these anti-American ideologies onto kids.

It remains to be seen how parents of the middle school students react and if they’re OK with what this teacher is telling their children. Judging from Rothstein’s own admissions via TikTok, it appears unlikely that she would ever voluntarily stop forcing these politically-charged views onto impressionable minds.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.