Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh Survives Attempt on His Life

Several weeks prior, Americans became privy to a leaked Supreme Court memo about Roe v. Wade. This leaked memo revealed the court could very well end up tossing Roe v. Wade. If this happens, then states will be able to set their own rules on abortion.

However, news that Roe v. Wade may soon be on the chopping block infuriated Democrats. Many pro-abortion activists began holding demonstrations, including outside of the homes of Supreme Court justices.

When the Biden administration was asked to weigh in on this, it simply encouraged the demonstrations to continue as they have been.

On Wednesday, the situation escalated even further. This time, a man with weapons was arrested for attempting to end the life of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, per Fox News.

A Dangerous Development

Nicholas John Roske is the man who was taken into police custody. Law enforcement officers found him with a gun and knife on his person; the 26-year-old also admitted to authorities that he intended to kill Justice Kavanaugh.

In addition to being found with a knife and gun, Roske was also in possession of zip ties, pepper spray, duct tape, ammunition, and other paraphernalia.

The California man was not only angered by the recent Supreme Court leak, but he also believed Kavanaugh would vote to roll back various gun control restrictions.

Because of his actions, Roske is now facing a federal charge of attempted murder. This carries a two-decade prison sentence, along with other penalties.

More Repeats to Come?

There is a very real likelihood that additional attempts may be made on the lives of Supreme Court justices.

This is why Republican lawmakers have worked to put through legislation that would heighten current security levels devoted to justices of the Supreme Court.

Unfortunately, this legislation was stalled by Democrats, even after Roske’s arrest for attempting to take out Kavanaugh.

Republicans have warned that by Democrats blocking additional security for Supreme Court members, they’re rolling the dice in a dangerous fashion.

Since this attempt on Kavanaugh’s life, the Biden administration has been criticized for failing to condemn the protests outside of Supreme Court justices’ homes when they first began.

Many Americans previously warned these demonstrations could escalate into something more violent. Now, the actions of Roske have proven the merits of these warnings.

Time will ultimately tell what lies ahead for Supreme Court justices and whether or not their current security details can ensure their safety.

What do you think about the news of a man being arrested for attempting to assassinate a member of the US Supreme Court? Let us know in the comments area below if you believe repeat incidents of this could occur without more security for justices.