Sudden Political Chaos Shakes Up the United Kingdom

Here in the United States, we just recently celebrated independence from England. Whereas back in the United Kingdom, their political system is weaker than ever.

A sudden tidal wave of resignations has led Prime Minister Boris Johnson to announce that he is also quitting.

Up until Wednesday, he was saying he’d stay on, despite all his top staff leaving, but Johnson later thought better of it and announced he too will step down.

Why is This Collapse Happening?

Johnson has been Prime Minister since 2019, but implemented a number of unpopular policies, including strict COVID lockdowns and vaccine requirements.

Johnson is a liberal man who passes for “conservative” in the UK because he sometimes lowers taxes. He supports abortion, socialistic environment policies, and all the same other things as the far left.

His administration began to fall apart due to a loss of confidence in his leadership, with his head financial advisor Rishi Sunak leaving his post, followed by health chief Sajid Javid.

Specifically, Johnson had a long line of embarrassing and highly unprofessional scandals, which eventually caused his government’s top members to lose faith in his ability to lead the country.

In total, 44 people have quit his cabinet in the past few days, with one more being fired by Johnson.

At this point, Johnson will stay on as leader of the UK until a replacement PM can be found.

Scandalous Failures and Lies

The list of Johnson’s biggest scandals is very long. A few of the top ones were the Pincher Affair, Partygate, and a line of intense sex scandals.

The Pincher affair is the latest scandal that caused a big amount of resignations and Johnson’s resignation. What happened is a British politician called Chris Pincher was accused of sexual harassment after going out and drinking a lot with other coworkers.

He’s already been accused of sexual assault in the past. As an important member of Johnson’s party, the leader tried to protect Pincher, saying he’d no idea there was ever controversy surrounding him.

The falsehoods broke wide open three days ago when it turned out Johnson had been straight-up lying.

Partygate occurred this spring when Johnson and his top staff partied it up at the British head government office during strict COVID lockdowns.

This happened just after Queen Elizabeth’s husband died. She was sitting alone due to social distancing, but Johnson and his buddies were laughing and dancing and getting wasted over at Downing Street.

The British public was not impressed.

There are many more scandals as well, including when another member of Johnson’s government called Imran Khan quit after being busted for sexually assaulting a young teen boy.

There’s no doubt Johnson has been one of the worst leaders the UK has ever had. Many conservatives won’t miss him.

The Bottom Line

The UK’s “Conservative” Party will now have a vote within the party to select a new leader of the party. This person will then automatically become the new leader of the country.

Good luck, UK. You’re going to need it.