Stanford Doctor Just Admitted the Truth About Lockdowns

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Dr. Jay Bhattacharya is professor of medicine at Stanford University and a lockdown skeptic. He’s been on the news lately explaining why lockdowns don’t work and actually make problems worse.

“We’ve used the lockdowns to protect the rich, whereas we essentially expose the — like in California for instance, it’s the poor areas that have had the high death rates from COVID. The lockdowns haven’t protected people living in places where there’s high poverty,” Bhattacharya explained recently, adding that “minority populations, especially Hispanics, have been hard hit. Fifty percent of people who have had COVID deaths are Hispanic in California.”

What about the Democrats and their supposed support for Hispanic people and minorities? Where did that go?

Clearly it was all rhetoric and their Great Reset agenda is taking priority over human life.

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‘An Enormous and Ineffective Overreaction’

According to Battacharya says that lockdowns have been “an enormous and ineffective overreaction, not actually protecting the population from COVID. While at the same time, the collateral damage is absolutely devastating.”

What should the US have done instead? It’s obvious.

“We just should have focused on the population we knew to be at risk, protected them, thought of creative ways to protect them from the beginning of the epidemic. … And for the rest of the population, the lockdown, we should have been thinking about the collateral damage from the very beginning,” Battacharya said.

In other words, protect those who are at risk and don’t shut down and kill an entire economy. Sounds fairly obvious, no? But for our elite leaders it’s beyond their imagination and ability to think of obvious things like this, apparently.

The Massive Collateral Damage from Lockdowns

Lockdowns have done generations of damage, including traumatizing an entire generation of kids who are being blocked from going back to in-person learning by selfish teacher unions. Las Vegas has even seen a sharp increase in children committing suicide out of despair at seeing their friends again, playing sports or having a normal life away from sitting at home all day.

But we are supposed to believe lockdown supporters and progressive nags have the moral high ground? Not in a million years.

As Megyn Kelly pointed out, “we’re seeing this decade dichotomy happening across the nation between public and private schools. The private schools go back, and the kids who were in the public school system, which doesn’t have as much money behind them, they don’t get to go.”

Teachers who don’t go back should be fired on the spot. This has crossed the line from a personal decision into pure selfishness.

The impact of the lockdowns on struggling small businesses has also been horrific, and thank God for places like Barstool Sports for coming forward to crowdfund some solutions, because the government throwing a few checks around hasn’t done any good and their endless games and lies have got on everyone’s last nerve, especially now that Executive Order Maniac in Chief Joe Biden is in office.

Endless Liberal Hypocrisy

People like Battacharya are important because they show that very smart individuals understand what is going on and are willing to be honest about it. Of course many liberals are calling for him to be fired for going on Fox and for speaking the truth.

But the truth is important and if lockdowns don’t get exposed for what they’re doing then the elites will be able to continue to use them to enrich giant corporate donors and play favorites with the economy while doing nothing to actually protect vulnerable populations including lonely schoolkids who want to go back to school.