St. Louis Circuit Attorney Being Persecuted

Kimberly M. Gardner, a prosecutor supported by Democratic donor George Soros, is the target of a criminal disobedience case. A Missouri judge stated he will create this with the help of a special prosecutor.

St. Louis Circuit Attorney in Trouble

In response to Gardner’s and Assistant Circuit Attorney Chris Desilets’ continuous absences from the court, Judge Michael Noble declared he will select the prosecutor, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

In a courtroom, Noble declared the circuit attorney’s office seems to be a floundering ship of disorder. Gardner is the circuit lawyer, which means it is her responsibility to oversee each employee’s caseload.

About 104 felonies are among Mr. Desilets’ cases. Any wise lawyer would anticipate that such a caseload would lead to numerous unresolvable disagreements.

She doesn’t seem to have taken any adequate measures to stop the ensuing pandemonium. Gardner seems to have little regard for the legal system and outright disdain for it.

Noble even went so far as to claim the evidence is consistent with the idea that their degree of disdain approaches criminality. According to Noble, Gardner seems to have total apathy and an explicit disdain for the judicial system.

The conclusion of implied felony contempt for both Gardner and Desilets’ actions is supported by sufficient proof of disrespect for the legal system.

Additionally, any lawyer who disobeys a court order is acting willfully disobediently and demonstrates an obvious lack of regard for the legitimacy of the judicial system.

Bailey to Protect Crime Victims

The information comes as Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey is waging a campaign to have Gardner removed from office for failing to defend victims of crimes.

It was added that instead of safeguarding victims, Circuit Attorney Gardner is generating them. Bailey stated as AG, he intends to defend the citizens of St. Louis and that involves safeguarding victims of crime and achieving justice for them.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.