Special Forces Launch Epic Rescue Mission in Afghanistan

Joe Biden has abandoned thousands of Americans behind enemy lines in Afghanistan. He’s botched the withdrawal from Afghanistan in the worst ways possible. Yesterday’s attack at Kabul airport killing 90 Afghans and 13 US service members was a stark reminder of the cost of poor leadership.

Yet, American heroes still remain; these are heroes who fight in the shadows and eliminate the enemy ruthlessly and effectively. A group of former special forces recently launched a daring rescue mission to save fellow special operators trapped behind enemy lines.

Task Force Pineapple

Earlier this week, a group of Afghanistan veterans launched a rescue mission which they dubbed Task Force Pineapple. Their mission was to save Afghan special forces who were trapped behind enemy lines and in danger of execution by the Taliban.

They worked out a plan with American forces and had them agree that once they saved the Afghan operators, there would be a password system to quickly let them through the American zone at HKIA (Hamid Karzai International Airport).

Task Force Pineapple was successful in its mission, rescuing over 500 Afghan special forces fighters and their family members. If Biden won’t come up with a plan to save these allies, our veterans will. They fought side by side with them in the war against the Taliban, and now they are doing what they can to get these allies to safety.

Jason Redman: We Did Our Job

One of Task Force Pineapple’s members Jason Redman said the full amount saved is now around 630. As they were rescuing the special forces and their families and moving them toward the airport, ISIS-K hit one of the gates, killing 13 US troops and 90 Afghans.

It is not yet known if some of those they were rescuing were killed and several were injured. As our forces work to get our allies out, we are in a horrible situation in Afghanistan. Maybe it’s time that our brave special operators go out and start rescuing the thousands of Americans who are still trapped behind enemy lines.

Biden’s Breakdown

Biden’s treasonous actions in Afghanistan are horrifying. He even gave a list of Americans to the Taliban. Now Afghanistan is back on the brink of a civil war with the Taliban versus ISIS-K and pro-US enemies in the north of the country.

Meanwhile, the US is coordinating with the Taliban who have promised not to harm Americans leaving the country, but are reportedly going after and harming Afghans who worked with America.

The result is a complete disaster full of confusion and horrible tragedy. This is on Biden and his excuses and lies are fully discredited at this point. The actions of Task Force Pineapple are definitely heroic; now, it’s time to extend that to Americans who are trapped behind the Afghan nightmare.