Socialist LA City Councilor is About to Get Booted Out

Los Angeles City Council member Nithya Raman is a socialist and a radical leftist. 

Her decisions on city council have let the homelessness crisis in the city reach epidemic proportions; furthermore, she makes endless excuses for the rising crime rate, while trying to defund the police. 

With a record like this, if we’re not careful this lady is going to run for Congress as the next Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. 

It’s no secret that blue cities across the country are experiencing a murder wave, with carjackings, theft, assault and rape sky high, as well. 

The last thing we need is even more local government pushing leftist policies that enable and boost up criminals. 

That’s why a petition has been drafted to get this socialist sap out of council. 

What’s Next?

The petition to recall Raman was approved July 9; it must now get 27,405 people to sign it in order to be officially presented to voters in Raman’s Council District 4. At that point, they can decide on whether to actually remove her…and they should. 

We often focus on national politics and things happening at the federal level, but local and municipal politics matter too. 

Leftists and socialists aren’t only looking to undermine our federal government and institutions; they’re looking to inject themselves from the ground up in every way possible and in everything we do. 

That’s why Raman’s case matters. She needs to be put in her place. Raman wants to defund police? Let’s see how she enjoys having her job and paycheck defunded. 

A Record of Destruction

Since taking office in January, Raman’s rhetoric has just made things worse. Homeless camps have ballooned in size and negative rhetoric about police has undermined support for law and order. 

Meanwhile, a wide diversity of residents in her district have a simple request for this stupid socialist: get lost. 

For her part, Raman and her office haven’t made any new comment on the approval of the draft petition to boot her; however, she claims that she “loves” her district and those who live in it. 

Past news that folks wanted to kick her out led to her making a sappy statement about how they should “work with” her to help improve the area instead of getting rid of her. 

Raman emphasized that as a member of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) she is very focused on issues like homelessness and “where our market has failed.”

The Truth About Socialism

The truth about socialism is that it might sound fun on paper, but in reality it leads to hell on earth. It’s merely a step on the road to full communism. 

Naive idiots like Raman preach socialism because they don’t have the backbone or imagination to think outside the box on solutions or grasp the big picture. 

It’s always the market’s fault, the White people’s fault, or someone else’s fault. 

She’s going to have some growing up to do, hopefully well outside the chambers of LA City Council.