Socialist Airhead Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Sounds Off on Abortion Debate

Socialist fanatic Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) lies almost every time she talks. Most of us remember her going to the border under President Trump and fake-crying by a border fence.

She also comes to mind for accusing Trump of ruining her grandma’s house in Puerto Rico when it had nothing to do with Trump. AOC is the far left of the Democrat Party.

It’s no exaggeration to say that her extreme and anti-American ideas are the future of the Democrat Party. Now, this liberal New York nutjob is coming out against the new pro-life law in Texas.

AOC Slams ‘Christian Extremists’

According to AOC, the new law in Texas that bans abortion after six weeks or when a heartbeat can be found is being done by “Christian extremists.” She says that these horrible right-wingers want to “force” women to have children.

It’s important for AOC that women still have an easy way to murder their unborn babies, so she’s promising “options” to people, including mailing them abortion pills in the mail.

Yes, seriously. AOC linked people to a website that will “discreetly” mail abortion pills to you to end the early stages of a pregnancy.

Democrats Line Up to Support Abortion

Despite having many supposed Christians and Catholics, the Democrat Party is going ballistic over the new Texas law. This is particularly the case since other red and purple states are also working to push forward legislation similar to Texas.

A fetal heartbeat can be found as early as six weeks, which basically rules out aborting many of the babies that women choose to abort. Texas also has a tip line for those who are aware of anyone doing abortions when there is a heartbeat, which is now a serious offense in the Lone Star State.

Imagine living in a country where one of your major political parties wants to murder babies and we’re supposed to treat them as one “side” of a debate. That’s seriously where we are in America in 2021.

AOC is Disrespecting Her Roots

Like almost all leftists, AOC has no real respect for her roots. She uses them for identity points, but never actually looks at what her ancestors believed or their priorities. She was born in the Bronx to a Puerto-Rican American dad and a Puerto Rican mom.

Puerto Rico is a devoutly Catholic country and also has a growing Protestant and Evangelical population. Together, these branches make up 89% of its population.

The population of Puerto Rico that is academic, socially liberal, and atheistic is almost non-existent. None of Puerto Rico’s Christian denominations support abortion.

However, AOC doesn’t care. She spits on her roots and chooses to be a cultural imperialist who pushes abortion and anti-family, anti-religious ideas. Shameful.