So Much for ‘Defund the Police’: Minneapolis Carjacking Rate Soars 537%

"Carjacking suspect crash on I5" by zoomar is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0
"Minneapolis Reflection" by Photomatt28 is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
“Minneapolis Reflection” by Photomatt28 is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Calls to defund and “abolish” the police increased following the death of George Floyd in May. The majority of American communities declined to take this path, but Minneapolis ended up moving forward with taking money away from their police budget and saw a large amount of officers quit the police force and leave.

It is no wonder that many police officers didn’t feel welcome in Minneapolis, amid the ongoing negative climate and demonization of them by those they are risk their lives for on a daily basis.

Now, months later it turns out that crippling your own police force’s morale and budget might not be such a good idea.

Paying the Price for #DefundThePolice

It turns out that the price for trying to defund the police and replace them with social workers is that police stop wanting to work in your city and criminals get the idea they can do whatever they want.

And now the statistics prove it.

In fact, the City of Lakes is experiencing a massive surge in violent crime, with recent statistics revealing that carjackings were 537% higher in November, 2020 than they were in November, 2019.

As South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem noted, “It’s very unfortunate that so many people are paying the price for the #DefundThePolice efforts they never asked for.”

Minneapolis Experiences Massive Surge in Violent Crime

As the city’sĀ Star TribuneĀ newspaper noted, carjackings are occurring 24/7, including in broad daylight.

Minneapolis police spokesman John Elder was unable to mask his shock, stating that “the numbers are staggering” and adding that the frequent carjackings go against “any shred of common human decency.”

It’s not just Minneapolis’ boarded up and wasted downtown that’s seeing a spike in carjackings and crime either, with areas around the city seeing a shocking spike in criminal activity.

Carjackings and other violent crimes are increasing across the city including in more upscale neighborhoods where thieves and criminals are seeking richer targets to steal from and assault.


Unless Minneapolis wants to become known as Crimeapolis it will have to begin taking serious steps to fight back against the crime wave it’s experiencing. The damage from the months of rioting and crime is significant and everyone remembers Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey walk away in defeat when Antifa and BLM extremists taunted and shouted at him for not wanting to end the police.

The point is that there’s clearly no way to count on real leadership from the top. Even Minnesota’s Democratic leader Tim Walz has been completely weak, refusing to step in and put a stop to the rampant disorder and crime that followed Floyd’s death.

Then there’s Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who has encouraged the idea of defunding the police and egged on violent protesters and the disorder that’s gripping the city in order to push her radical leftist agenda.

So much for having any adults in the room.

With Minneapolis City Council still trying to cut the city police funding by $8 million and reduce the number of cops there’s a real chance that the situation in Minneapolis is going to get even worse.

Murder in Minneapolis is currently at a 15-year high with 500 shot this year – 79 of which were fatal shootings – and theft and other crimes are skyrocketing. What better way to show you’re against racism than destroying the last remaining order and justice of your city, I guess?

The irresponsibility and criminal neglect of the Minneapolis City council and Democratic politicians is costing people their lives. The city needs to act fast if it wants a chance at recovery from this spiraling crime wave that’s been encouraged and incited by progressive politicians.