SNL Makes Fun of Shut Down Small Businesses While Show Runs Due to Special Exception from Cuomo

Jonah Hill SNL by The Guise Archives is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Saturday Night Live is known for its liberal and far-left points of view. The comedy show frequently hosts celebrities and presents skits that mock conservatives, Christians and law-abiding Americans.

The latest controversy, then, should come as no surprise.

SNL Mocks Struggling American Small Businesses

Alleged comedian Pete Davidson appeared on SNL’s “Weekend Update” segment where he made fun of struggling small business owners protesting the lockdown.

Davidson made the comments on the Dec. 5 episode of the New York-based show.

In particular, Davidson was referring to protests over the closure of Mac’s Public House, a popular Staten Island bar.

Davidson is a comedian who has racked up $6 million in personal wealth through his fraud of a career starring in boring, degenerate movies such as the King of Staten Island — and let’s not forget his voicework in Angry Birds Movie 2.

Davidson’s movies frequently promote illegal drug use and are full of profanity and graphic sexual content.

Governor Cuomo’s Major Agenda Proposal by MTAPhotos is licensed under CC BY 2.0

What Exactly Did Davidson Say?

Commenting on protests over the shuttering of Mac’s Pub in Staten Island, Davidson said he was against the protests, “but I’m also just happy I’m no longer the first thing people think of when they say ‘what’s the worst thing about Staten Island.'”

Mac’s was shut down last week and its owner Danny Presti was arrested.

“The bar, shockingly, is in a neighborhood with the second-highest COVID infections in all of New York, so the rule is that they’re only supposed to let people eat or drink outside, and the owner said no one wants to do that because they’ll go out of business,” Davidson said, adding,

“They’re making us look like babies!…You know, it’s bad when people in Boston are like, ‘Ah, drink at home you queers!'”

In a press conference where Mac’s management responded to the SNL skit and Cuomo’s attempt to humiliate and bully them into submission.

“We find out now that the first guy to stand up to the tyrants gets crushed. DeBlasio and now Cuomo have told the people of Staten Island, New York City and the country that if you speak up to the emperor you get crushed,” said community activist John Tabacco, speaking in support of Mac’s at the Dec. 7 press conference.

“The other night we found out that it was a political ambush,” Tabacco said, adding, “it’s a tale of two cities. Wal-Mart just announced they’re paying $700 million in bonuses and Staten Island restaurant owners are getting arrested two times in a week for trying to make a hundred bucks.”

Tabacco slammed the ignorance of SNL, noting that “they find it funny that small business owners are trying to feed their families while the millionaires sit on their perch.”

Meanwhile, Mac’s lawyer Lou Gelormino turned the tables on the showy hypocrites, commenting on the government turning a blind eye to the violence of Antifa and BLM that turned the city’s downtown into a husk of its former self:

“Maybe Saturday Night Live should be mocking the people that looted and rioted our great city of Manhattan and the rest of the great cities of this country.”

SNL’s Hypocrisy

SNL itself is only allowed to continue shooting episodes and having a studio audience because they found a loophole in coronavirus restrictions.

Left-wing New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s COVID-19 restrictions only allow live audience if they are “paid employees, cast and crew.”

So, SNL simply “hired” their audiences as a cast and paid them to come watch the show. Ironically, this is probably about the only way anybody would watch such an elitist, garbage trainwreck of a show anymore.