Smith & Wesson Releases a Powerful Public Message

Gun manufacturers play a vital role in US society. Without them, Americans wouldn’t have access to firearms, ammunition, and other critical accessories that go along with gun ownership.

Sadly, amid heated gun control debates, gun manufacturers have been under siege. Democrats like Joe Biden argue that makers of firearms should be legally liable when mass shooters use their products to claim lives.

Meanwhile, the gun control movement continues to push for policies that make legal gun ownership more strenuous and put the squeeze on makers of these products.

However, leading gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson is pushing back, sending a concise message of its own, per PJ Media.

A Critical Service Announcement From Smith & Wesson

Smith & Wesson’s legacy in the United States dates back to 1852. This month, the gun maker put out a “Who Are We” video.

In the footage, the company lays out its freedom-driven values, love for American patriotism, and commitment to creating the best conceivable products for its customers to use.

After the ruling of the Supreme Court that struck down New York’s “may issue” statute for concealed carry permits, Smith & Wesson lauded the ruling. The gun maker upheld the ruling as ultimately a victory for Second Amendment rights in the United States.

Across the country, conservatives have praised Smith & Wesson’s latest video as showing what the best of America is all about.

Amid all the debates about gun control, gun rights, etc., the video comes at a time that’s both relevant and opportune.

The Ongoing Fight For Gun Rights

Smith & Wesson’s message to America comes around the same time that Congress just passed a highly panned gun control bill.

The bill enables red flag laws nationwide and makes gun buyers over 18, yet under 21, have to jump through all sorts of hoops.

Tighter penalties for straw purchases are also included; yet, as people have pointed out, putting more restrictions on lawful owners of firearms doesn’t address mass shooters and other criminals who use firearms unlawfully.

Gun rights supporters have remained frustrated with Republicans who chose to vote with Democrats for gun control, rather than taking a firm pro-Second Amendment stance.

The National Rifle Association recently joined most conservatives in opposing the gun control bill approved by lawmakers in DC.

The NRA, like most gun rights proponents, has also been clear that it will oppose legislation infringing on gun owners’ liberties, regardless of how the makers of this legislation justify it.

What do you think about Smith & Wesson’s message to Americans about who it is and what it stands for as one of the leading US gunmakers? Let us know in the comments area below if you believe this message comes at a pivotal time in the United States.